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About Zhoukou

Zhoukou is situated in the east of Henan province. The city has an ancient history and is known as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization — many famous historical figures were born here and it is home to numerous historical ruins, including the tomb of the legendary culture hero Fu Xi and the site where the mythological goddess Nüwa is believed to have repaired the heavens. The famous philosopher Laozi was also born here. Other attractions include Taiqing Palace (太清官), Laojuntai (the place was Laozi was immortalized), and Jiubu Well (九步井).

Popular Attractions in Zhoukou

Taihao Fuxi Temple
538 Reviews
Located in Huaiyang County, Zhoukou City, Taihao Fuxi Temple is named after Taihao Fuxi. It was first built in the Spring and Autumn Periods and then renovated in the Ming Dynasty. The architectural complex consists of outer city, inner city and the Forbidden City, with a unique structure and huge size. The Forbidden City is the key part of the temple, where there is a huge mausoleum of Fuxi.
Hometown of Laotze
74 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The hometown of Laotze is located in Zhoukou's Luyi County. Within the tourist area, ancient buildings such as the Taiqing and Mingdao Palaces are preserved alongside monuments to Luyi County's great ethicists and philosophers, along with relics like the golden epitaph “Inscription Memorializing the Continuation of Taiqing Palace." With the two ancient buildings as the primary sites of importance, this serves to give visitors a true and full image of Laotze’s hometown. Taiqing Palace is located at the place Laotze was born. Visitors to this site will be able to see that Laotze was a mortal man and ordinary individual like the rest of us. In this way they will be better able to understand Laotze’s life. The Mingdao Palace was built in the second year of the Tianbao Emperor of the Tang Dynasty (AD 743). It was the site where Laotze taught Taoism. Inside the scenic spot, the Laojun (Old Gentleman's) Platform—which is also known as Shengxian (Ascending Spirits) Platform—is said to be one of the places from which Laotze cultivated his knowledge of the Tao.
Oriental Mythology Amusement Park
51 Reviews
Theme Park
Oriental Mythology Amusement Park is located on the east bank of Longhu National Wetland Park in Huaiyang County, Henan Province. It is characterized by a unique oriental culture and themed by modern high-tech rides. The overall design is fashionable and magical. The main functional areas include the water activity experience zone and the dryland activity experience zone. The entire amusement park is planned to be seven areas: Entrance square leisure area, commercial style block area, science and technology performing arts viewing area, leisure beach activity area, waterfront isolation green area, jungle green space recreation area, and leisure waterfront viewing area.
73 Reviews
Historical Site
Laojuntai, located northeast of Luyi County, was built to commemorate Lao-Tzu. The structure has been constructed in a classical, large brick style with a raised, altar-like format involving concentric circles akin to a rounded column with corners over a larger lower base. Legend has it that Lao-Tzu ascended to the heavenly realms after attaining mastery and that he ascended from this place. Accordingly, it's called Shengxiantai (or the Platform of Immortal Ascending). A total of 32 steps constructed out of blue stone lead down from the hill gate, with another layer of steps added directly in front of the temple, totaling 33 steps. This is appropriate given the legend of Lao-Tzu ascending all the levels of the Qing Tian (or Azure Sky). The site has attracted visitors since ancient times, whether to offer worship or simply see the sights. Over the years, the place has inspired innumerable poems.

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