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Popular Attractions in Zhouzhuang

11,450 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
In 1984, a painting by famous chinese artist Chen Yifei announced Zhouzhuang Water Town to the world, and since then Zhouzhuang has been regarded by many as one of the best water towns in China. This ancient town has a history of more than 900 years old with many houses built in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Known as Yao City or Zhenfang lane in ancient times, the town was once a part of the Kingdom of Wu, playing an important role in the distribution of silk, ceramics, art pieces, and food. With lakes on the four sides, the beauty of Zhouzhuang has to be discovered through its water lanes and stone bridges. Taking a boat ride would be an interesting option to tour around the town. Famous sites include Zhang Hall, Shen Hall, and the underwater tomb of Shen Wansan, a famous Yuan Dynasty Businessman. If you stay around till the lights light up at night, you can enjoy a view that is seemingly made up from a fairytale.
693 Reviews
 Situated in the town focus of Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Shuangqiao is made out of Shide Bridge and Yong'an Bridge. The extensions of the two scaffolds are even and vertical. The scaffolds and openings are on one side and resemble an antiquated key, so it is generally known as the key bridge. In 1984, Chen Yifei's artistic creation "Memory of his Hometown" was predominantly made out of Shuangqiao. Shuangqiao was celebrated for this, and Zhouzhuang was additionally acclaimed in China and abroad. Shuangqiao was built in the Ming Dynasty, and a short time later it was repaired more than once. The impression of the scaffold over the waterway and the extension itself constitute a standard circle. It is flawlessly formed and is the question of photography and outlining for photography lovers and understudies of the Academy of Fine Arts.
Kunshan "Four Seasons Zhouzhuang" Performance
485 Reviews
The Kunshan "Four Seasons Zhouzhuang" Performance is a live performance of the water town in China. The performance is carried out in the classic environment of "small bridge, flowing water, and people house". The one of a kind water-town performance method is used to recreate the cultural characteristics of Zhouzhuang, a Chinese water village and its charming charm. The three chapters of the performance - the fisherman's song, the fisherwoman, the fisherman's lamp, and the fishery performance of the "Shuiyun Zhouzhuang".
Carton King Theme Creative Park
330 Reviews
Art District
Carton King is a chain enterprise in Taiwan. This carton king theme creative park in Zhouzhuang is full of exquisite paper art, even the counters and chairs are made of paper. Tourists can tour around, eat, shop, and even stay here for the night. There is also a carton king post office in the park where you can buy and post postcards. The postbox there is also made of paper. The Carton Zoo exhibits a variety of paper animals that are loved by kids. The Wansan Pavilion showcases paper-made Shen Hall in Zhouzhuang, which is very interesting.

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Trip Moments

Traveling Sisters   
Jiangzhuang Zhouzhuang, Yingying Yishui, the ancient rhyme is infinitely infinite, leaning against the bridge, it is a white wall and bluestone. There are nearly 100 quaint Ming and Qing courtyard buildings and more than 60 brick-and-mortem gate buildings in the ancient town. Among them, Shen Hall and Zhang Hall are the most famous representatives of residential buildings. , , In the ancient town of Nanshi Street, sitting on the east side of the Shen Hall, is the Jiangnan giant Fu Shenwan three descendants Shen Benren in the Qing Emperor Qianlong seven years It covers an area of over 2,000 square meters and has more than 100 houses. The building is a seven-into-five-story building. In front of the hall, there is a quay at the dock of Shishui, which is unique to the water town. The middle part is composed of a wall door, a tea house and a main hall. The rear part is a living hall hall, a hall and a brick building. Clever, beautifully portrayed. The whole building is decorated with Hui Bang, Shao Bang and Su Bang. It is magnificent and can be used to see the traces of time. On the east side of the ancient town, there are Shenwansanyuan, Wansan Shuiyu, and you can walk and walk. In the early 14th century, the Zhang Hall, built by the descendants of Xu Xun, the younger brother of Zhongshan Wang Xu Da, was originally known as Yi Shun Tang. In the early 16th century, it was owned by Zhang, commonly known as Zhang. hall. The entire quaint building complex is six in front and rear, along the river facing the street, more than 70 large and small houses, 47 meters from the main hall to the back garden. The Weihe River passes through the house, and it has the unique scenery of the waterfront, "the sedan enters from the front door, and the ship passes through the house." Brick-carved door building, the stage in the courtyard sits south to the north, there are flying horns, there are also phoenix algae wells, carved beams and paintings, magnificent. On the ancient stage, professionals performed the masterpieces of the Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion" and "Changsheng Temple", and you can also walk into the ancient stage to see the traditional operas, the opera costumes, traditions and Modern fusion of cultural and creative souvenirs. is not a dream, its story is drawn by Mr. Chen Yifei. In order to permanently commemorate Chen Yifei's contribution and friendship, the Zhouzhuang people established the "Yifei House" and opened it to the outside world to promote his artistic spirit. The furnishings here include books he loved to read during his lifetime, used brushes, precious manuscripts, and favorite European fireplaces. Chengwei Taoyuan, commonly known as Shengtang, has a history of more than 900 years and is one of the famous faculties in Wuzhong District. There are Yuhuangge, Wenchang Pavilion, Shengdi Pavilion and so on. Zhouzhuang Museum is located in a private old mansion, with a quiet environment, showing Zhouzhuang's long history and culture.
Posted: Oct 15, 2019
Traveling Sisters   
The night is quiet and the lights are shadowy. The ancient town of Zhouzhuang has a beautiful scenery. and Nanhuwan will stage a grand light and shadow show at night. is covered with colorful water curtain coats, and the Yujiang Fishing and Singing light and shadow show shows the fishery and customs. surrounds the Nanhu Qiuyue, Dongzhuang Snow and Zhuangtian Luoyan in the Zhouzhuang Eight Views, with flowing fountains, water curtains and water walls, showing the moonlight, There are many poetic and beautiful pictures, such as heavy snowfall and returning geese. The stunning performance is the most beautiful night picture of Nanhu Bay. From April to November every year, in Zhouzhuang, you can watch the first performance of the water town in China, which is the original ecological culture of Jiangnan. The performance is in the classic environment of small bridge, flowing water, people. The grand format is a first-class performance with a folk, ornamental and artistic style. Know Jiangnan overnight, start here. Wu Guanzhong, the old gentleman said, Huangshan is the beauty of Chinas mountains and rivers, Zhouzhuang is the beauty of Chinas water towns. Yu Qiuyu wrote The mottled blue-gray like the morning dreams, the intertwined double bridges are firm and old. There is no more generalization of Jiangnan town than this picture, and there is no such thing as a Jiangnan town that can mark the homeland." San Mao said, "I want to come to Zhouzhuang to eat Apo tea, eat hairy crabs, to be in the homeland. Look at the streets and lanes." Everyone said that Zhou Zhuang is a dream, I hope to be good night in Zhouzhuang, and open my dream of Jiangnan. with map via. Photographer He Wenbin
Posted: Oct 13, 2019
Traveling Sisters   
The water is long and the water is long. In Zhouzhuang, the time will be slowed down. It may be accompanied by the willow green wave and the boat singer, stepping into the water bridge and looking for a gentle Jiangnan dream. Shuangqiao Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Center Yong'an Bridge and Shide Bridge are called Shuangqiao. They were built in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty. They are connected at right angles to one of the bridge holes. The key to ancient China, also known as the key bridge. In the early 1980s, the painting of the artist, Mr. Chen Yifei, based on the theme of Shuangqiao, was collected by the American oil king Hamer and presented to the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, and was selected as the first day cover by the United Nations. Shuangqiao has become the carrier of the history and culture of the Jiangnan water town and a symbol of beauty. Zhouzhuang also goes to the world as a representative of the Jiangnan water town. The former Guanqiao Bridge of Fu'an Bridge, which spans the Nanbei River and runs through the Nanbei City Street, was rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty. According to folklore, Shen Wansans younger brother Shen Wansi once invested in repairs. He did not want to repeat the same slogan of Shen Wansans rich enemy and was sent to fill the army and die. He named the bridge Fuan and prayed for prosperity and tranquility. . In the ancient town, Fu'an Bridge is the most unique and unique combination of bridge and bridge. There are bridges at the four corners of the bridge. In the buildings of the Jiangnan water town, it is very rare to build a bridge and preserve the intact ancient bridge. Take the Fu'an Bridge, or take a look at the bridge, or look at the waters of the Xiaoqiao River. . The whole power bridge is the brick bridge between the east and west of the ancient town and the north and south rivers. There are couplets on the pillars on both sides of the bridge, and the north link is the source of the Beibei rapid water source. Live, the West is controlled by the mountains and the spirits of the mountains, and the South Union is "the fisherman's songs on the river and the moon, and the sails of the sun and the clouds". The two links vividly show the excellent location of Zhouzhuang and the comfort of the ancient town. Entering the ancient town next to the Quangong Bridge, there are many waterfront restaurants, and you can take pictures of the moonlight night in the water town. The ancient town of Jiangnan has a fireworks atmosphere. Zhouzhuang's cruise ship can have four different experiences: the rushing water sails the south of the Huanian countryside, the waters of the town, the Wusong, the soft language, the bridge, the ancient town, the waterway, the ancient city Zhouzhuang night tour under the shadow of the three waters and the sound of the oars. Choose the waterway and the water town to embrace each other, the gentleness is the most soft and crisp.
Posted: Oct 15, 2019
Traveling Sisters   
Double festival to, water town night, enjoy the lantern festival, tonight in the United States in Zhouzhuang, drunk in Zhouzhuang. Mid-Autumn Festival, Huahua spent in the most romantic romantic lantern festival in Zhouzhuang, the first water town in China! , , , , , , , , , Ancient town Quanfu Road, Guyun Archway to the wall, huge semi-circular arches greet guests. The lamppost display shows the traditional folk customs and festival contents of Zhouzhuang Shark, the Tiancai, and the New Year, showing the cultural characteristics of the water town. Through the ancient archway, the giant Liaoqing Lotus and Fei Lirong lamp sets reveal the water rhyme of Jiangnan can be collected. The moonlight, lotus leaf, lotus lighting, and the "lighting plate" of "Celebration National Day" and "There is a life called Zhouzhuang" around the wall create a festive celebration. Depends on the topographical pattern of Zhouzhuang ancient town due to rivers and rivers, and the rivers next to Shuangqiao and Nanhu fish market, combined with traditional lanterns and light and shadow art, to "fishing" and "cultivating" "," and "and" light group to tell the story of Zhouzhuang's humanities and folk culture. Night fishing, night moon, night hi, night painting, night parking, night Zhouzhuang is full of photo punching points. , Nanhuwan, Nanhu Qiuyue Garden, drunken breeze in the lotus bush, through the water fog, water curtain, laser projection, LED computer lights and other high-tech means to create a stunning water and light show . In addition to the Watery Night Beauty Zhouzhuang Ancient Town area, this years Lantern Festival has two major areas: cross-strait family--Taiwan old street and Happy pastoral -Xiangcun Xinzhuang. Colorful lighting makes the flowers exclaim. The theme of the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival on the two sides of the 2019 Strait (Kunshan), which is "Flower and Light on the Two Sides", will last until October 8, except for the beautiful night of the waters. There are a lot of fun and exciting activities to make the trip to Zhouzhuang look good! Photo via. Photographer He Wenbin
Posted: Sep 30, 2019