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About Zhucheng

Zhucheng’s dragon culture is prominent. It is rich in dinosaur fossils and known as northern China’s “home of dinosaurs.” Consequently, it has the Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum, which houses many complete dinosaur skeletons and is a wonderful experience. Zhucheng Water Park - which has Heping North Street to the west and Yinghua Street to the east - is a riverside park with landscape gardens and a modern atmosphere. It is open to the public free of charge and is a good place for a relaxing walk.

Popular Attractions in Zhucheng

Zhucheng Dinosaur World
516 Reviews
The Zhucheng Dinosaur World is an entertainment and leisure base with the theme of dinosaur. The main scenic spots are Dinosaur Museum, Zhucheng Tyrannosaurus Museum (China), Dinosaur Ravine Fossil Promenade and Dragon Cube Exhibition Hall. Dinosaur Museum houses the "Giant Zhucehng Dinosaur" skeleton fossil, which is known as the "world's first dinosaur". The Tyrannosaurus Museum is the largest tyrannosaurus museum in Asia and the only tyrannnosaurus site in China.
Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum
144 Reviews
The Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum is found on the east side of the Dinosaur Park. It is a special museum that gathers, displays and studies dinosaurs. The prelude hall has a large-scale dinosaur life scene stone mural; the simulated hall is filled with simulated dinosaurs of different sizes and shapes; the excavation hall "original taste" shows the scene of the dinosaur dug up excavation site.
Zhuchengshi Zoo
95 Reviews
Cretaceous Dinosaur Geological Park
81 Reviews
Exhibition Hall
Historical Site
The Cretaceous Dinosaur Geological Park, also known as the Zhuzhou Dinosaur National Geological Park, is a national science education base. The functional areas include: Dinosaur Science Research District, Dinosaur Court Culture and Entertainment District, Dinosaur Island Jungle Recreation Area, Dinosaur Park Sunshine Garden Viewing Area, Dinosaur Lake Activity Area, Dragon Tower Climbing Viewing Area. The park has dinosaur fossil promenades and fossil uplifts and other representative dinosaur fossils. It uses methods such as ancient environmental restoration, sound,light and electricity reproduction, cultural and artistic performances to fully display the geological sites and reveals the dinosaurs that lived, reproduced, and died.

Zhucheng Tours & Tickets

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Trip Moments

This super big guy is called "Giant Zhucheng Dragon", and this big guy has occupied a whole big exhibition hall! If you want to take a panoramic view, you need to take a wide angle and retreat to the door! The dinosaur bone on the scenic ticket is this big guy! This dinosaur belongs to the duck-billed dragon family, which is 9.1 meters high and 16.6 meters long! Because it was unearthed in Zhucheng, it was named "Giant Zhucheng Dragon" by experts! This name is relatively readable, and it feels like the Zhucheng Dragon is more domineering!
Posted: Dec 20, 2018
The Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum was established on May 9, 2001. It is the first county (city) dinosaur museum in China. It displays the world's tallest giant duck-billed dragon fossil skeleton and more than 100 dinosaur fossils.
Posted: Dec 18, 2018
The first bone of China - Shenmiao keel is a huge femoral fossil of the duck-billed dragon. According to research, if the dinosaur fossil can be excavated as a whole, the individual is much taller than the "great Zhucheng dragon". Since the exhibition in 1992, many tourists have been known for their ability to make their wishes. The folks call it "the first Chinese bones" and have "touching the dragon, thinking about things, touching the keel, a lifetime." The saying of happiness! Are you sure this is a museum that is not a mountain temple?
Posted: Dec 20, 2018