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Things To Do in Zhucheng

568 Reviews
wanghaomanMy child likes dinosaurs, so I deliberately drove from Suzhou, Jiangsu. Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum is in the Dinosaur Park. Dinosaur Park is free. The museum is charged. When we went there were very few people, there were enough people with 10 fingers. Basically nobody. In the museum, there are two relatively large fossil skeletons assembled together. There are a few small ones. 30 minutes is enough to make a slow turn. There is also a small movie to watch for 10 minutes. It introduces various dinosaurs. After reading it, it’s gone, continue to drive to Zhucheng Tyrannosaurus Museum, 15 minutes drive, easy to find. The parking lot over there is big. When we went there at 12 noon, there were no guests, just me and my son. At the entrance of Tyrannosaurus, a young ticket inspector and an uncle security guard. There are some excavated bone fossils inside. Walk slowly and see for 30 minutes.
138 Reviews
_We***68Still worth going, there are more animals, enter the door for 100 yuan to rent a small car for unlimited driving, all aspects of the price/performance ratio is still very high, the children are very happy, it is best to bring some food inside to eat very little overall super awesome, cost-effective,
26 Reviews
M23***99The key is what kind of mentality you use to understand the world. The service at Maershan is a bit short, don't you think the lush forests and peaks make you feel impressed? Praise my hometown Zhucheng.
160 Reviews
小忆It's really beautiful, beautiful and picturesque after the snow. Feeling the ancient atmosphere brought by the dinosaurs, walking alone in the jungle, feeling that the world is quiet, listening to the most primitive sounds, I feel very good.
85 Reviews
AquaL.The world's largest dinosaur site, sorry for the maximum 4 points. I recommend it, because it's really shocking and small compared to humans. I regret not renting the equipment for the automatic tour guide because I thought there would be explanations in it. The result is probably that there are few people, all the aunts and uncles are watching, no one explains. The Dinosaur Park is estimated to be under construction. Except for the two pavilions, there are no other facilities. I think the local government should plan for such a good place. You can buy a ticket for the city museum separately. You must buy the Terror Museum and Dinosaur Park together in the same place. You can buy the city museum separately. Because I read the evaluation before, I didn't go to the city. The tour is over in an hour and a half. Although it is simple but still unfinished, I sincerely hope that it will be the wealth of all mankind.
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City Park
旅游的桐桐桐I took the kids to the Dinosaur Park, because there were a lot of dinosaurs in the album he was looking at. He also liked them. He also bought a lot of dinosaur toys and heard many stories about dinosaurs, but I was a little scared to go in.

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Zhucheng’s dragon culture is prominent. It is rich in dinosaur fossils and known as northern China’s “home of dinosaurs.” Consequently, it has the Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum, which houses many complete dinosaur skeletons and is a wonderful experience. Zhucheng Water Park - which has Heping North Street to the west and Yinghua Street to the east - is a riverside park with landscape gardens and a modern atmosphere. It is open to the public free of charge and is a good place for a relaxing walk.

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhucheng, including: Zhuchengshi Zoo,Zhucheng Dinosaur World,Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum
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