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Zhuge Bagua village

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Zhuge Bagua Village
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Ancient Settlement
Zhuge Bagua Village is located in Zhuge Village in the northwest of Lanxi. It is the largest settlement area of Zhuge Liang's descendants. According to the layout of the Nine Palaces and the Eight Diagrams, the village is centered on the Taiji-shaped Zhongchi in the village center and extends eight lanes of in eight directions to form the inner Eight Diagrams while the hills outside the village form the outer Eight Diagrams. That's why it is called the "Zhuge Bagua Village." Zhuge Bagua Village is divided into two parts: the main scenic area and the west scenic area. The west scenic area includes the Longfeng Buddhist Temple and a Baicao Ecological Park.
da gong tang
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yong mu tang
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Wax Museum
nong fang guan
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Artisanal Workshop
Folk Village

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Trip Moments

There is no such thing as a thousand worlds. There is a labyrinth village in Lanxi, Zhejiang. This village is called Zhuge Bagua Village and was built by Zhuge Liangs descendants. The entire village was built according to the Taoist array of Taoist temples. During the walk, it was like walking into the maze. The houses of the
Zhuge Bagua Village are opposite in face and back, and the streets are distributed along the central pond. It seems that there is a road but unconsciously will go to the road, taking into account the function of the house and the function of preventing flooding. There are often thieves who can only get rid of their hands because they get lost. In addition, because there are many firewalls in the residential areas and there are reservoirs in the villages, the fire performance of Bagua Village is excellent!
The first ancestor of Zhuge's family was the Zhuge Liang, a generation of military officers from the Three Kingdoms period. It was passed to the Zhuge lion. It was in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty. The Zhuge bearing family, including the Zhuge lion, carefully managed the Chinese medicine industry in Zhuge Bagua Village and quickly developed into a place. The family has accumulated a lot of wealth. The pattern of Zhuge Bagua Village was laid at that time.
Zhuge Bagua Village was built during the Song and Yuan Dynasties. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were many expansions, continuations and reconstructions. In addition to the Feng Shui flood control function, the village also retained many exquisite Huizhou dwellings. The feng shui pattern of the
Zhuge Bagua Village is divided into the Eight Diagrams and the Outer Eight Diagrams. The eight hills surrounding the village are shaped like the Eight Diagrams. The village buildings and eight streets respond to each other, and the central area resembles the Taiji Yinyang fish. Zhongchi, forming the inner gossip.
Because it has not been over-exploited, Zhuge Bagua Village has maintained a simple folk style and a relatively quiet living atmosphere, which is especially suitable for casual exploration!
Posted: Dec 18, 2018