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About Zibo

Shandong's Zibo is a famous historical and cultural city. The downtown's Linzi District was the capital city of the Qi State for some 800 years from the Spring and Autumn periods through to the Warring States period. It is the birthplace of Qi Culture. This place has many cultural relics and historic traces such that it is known as the “Underground Museum”. The History Museum of the Qi State, Linzi Chinese Ancient Vehicle Museum and Guanzhong Mausoleum are renowned both inside and outside of China. Zibo also has magnificent natural scenery. The place where the lower reaches of the Yellow River meet the northern plains has become known as "Northern China's River Landscape". Mata Lake has excellent water quality. The mountains to the south include the two forest parks, Lushan National Park and Yuanshan National Forest Park. The splendid landscape makes this an excellent place for mountain climbing.

Popular Attractions in Zibo

Zhoucun Ancient City
1,636 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Featured Neighborhood
Zhoucun Ancient City is located in the western urban area of Zhoucun. It is a handicraft industry and commercial city established during the economic transformation in late feudal times and remains well-preserved after hundreds of difficult years. The ancient city crosses through the surrounding city. Full of shops and possessing a wildly different architectural style, the ancient city has been called “China’s living architectural museum of ancient commerce.” Zhoucun is famous for its handicrafts, auxiliary agricultural products, and silk-weaving industries. It developed into an important commercial center in north China during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912).
Tanxi Mountain Scenic Area
484 Reviews
Glass Skywalk
The area surrounding Tanxi Mountain boasts stunning natural landscapes and cultural attractions. The scenery changes with each season. Crown Prince Zhaoming (the oldest son of Emperor Wu of Liang) is believed to have studied here. Tanxi Mountain was also the location of an uprising led by the famous Ming dynasty rebel Tang Sai'er. The area is therefore home to a large number of historical relics.
Liao Zhai City in Zibo
387 Reviews
Famous Residences
Memorial Hall
Historical Site
Liao Zhai City in Zibo is a large garden scenic spot based on the Liaozhai Story. It is the hometown of Pu Songling, the World's King of short stories. Liao Zhai City is in Pujiazhuang, Hongshan Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City. Liao Zhai City consists of an art exhibition hall, the Fox Fairy Garden, the Hidden Stone Garden, Liao Zhai Palace, Manjing Temple and Fox Garden. Pu Songling Memorial Hall in the scenic spot preserves the original appearance of Pu Songling's residence.
Kaiyuan Karst Cave in Boshan
321 Reviews
Geological Sites
Kaiyuan Karst Cave is named after the cliff carvings in the Kaiyuan years of the Tang Dynasty. The cave is large and high, with six halls. There are various natural formations, such as stalactites, in the cave. More than 100 scenic spots can be seen. Each hall has its own characteristics and uses advanced electric lighting technology for different visual effects.

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Trip Moments

This ancient city of Shandong has been in existence for 600 years. It was once recognized as the "first village in the world" by Qianlong

Zibo City, Shandong Province. As a capital city of Qi State more than 2,000 years ago, history and culture are extremely profound. A large number of Qi culture and monuments. About 20 kilometers west of Zibo City, it comes to Zhoucun District, which is also famous for its monuments.
The most famous tourist attraction in Zhoucun is called Zhoucun Ancient Shopping Mall. This is the only remaining commercial monument in Jiangbei and the only remaining commercial heritage in Shandong. It is known as the living ancient commercial architecture museum group. Zhoucun Ancient Mall has a well-preserved Ming and Qing Dynasty ancient architectural complex with more than 50,000 square meters. The silk culture here has a long history.
Zhoucun has been a commercial center since ancient times, and has gradually formed a commercial form featuring silkworm breeding and silk industry. The most important ancient street in Zhoucun Ancient Mall is called the Main Street. It was built in the Ming Yongle period (about 1410 AD). It has been more than 600 years old and has been fascinating.
The architectural pattern of the ancient mall has also been completely preserved. At present, there are mainly three ancient commercial streets, including the main street, Silk Street and Yinzi Street, and there are more than ten street-sized scenic spots, and there are many familiar old names.
The old-fashioned shops such as Ruiyixiang and Qianxiangyi, which are well-known in the silk industry, are still open. Silk Trade has brought a lot of popularity and wealth to Zhoucun Ancient Shopping Mall. Merchants from all walks of life come to do business. Silk Street has been dominated by silk shops in the past, while Yinzi Street is the location of the old Qianzhuang ticket.
Entering the scenic spot every morning, you will see the staff dressed in costumes open the market, and the snoring will come from far away. They hold the "No Tax Today" brand and there is a "Today" in Zhoucun Ancient Mall. No tax" monument, this stone monument was established by Li Huaxi of the Qing Dynasty.
Because there was no tax in doing business in Zhoucun Ancient Mall, the Quartet merchants gathered here and have been commercial centers for hundreds of years. They are called dry docks. In the same year, I also filmed a "Dry Pier" TV series, where I shot here.
The Emperor Qianlong liked to travel around the whole life. He came to Zhoucun during the Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival is full of lanterns every year. It is very spectacular. Emperor Qianlong of the Qianlong Emperor, Yuci Zhoucun is the "first village in the world".
The original Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient architectural complex also attracted many crews to come to shoot, Zhoucun Ancient Mall did indeed shoot a lot of film and television works, which also increased the popularity. In the past few years, the CCTV drama "Guan Guandong" has been filmed here, and the "Dyeing House" and "Living" teams have been here.
Follow the TV series to visit Zhoucun Ancient City. There are rows of ancient shops, Qianzhuang ticket numbers, various snacks, and the scenes of filming the TV series. The early spring season has already been visited.
Posted: May 10, 2019
The master of Lu cuisine hides the restaurant in Zhoucun Ancient Mall. The delicious Lu cuisine is actually such a

outing, and the taste of local specialties is also an important part of the itinerary, more and more accepted by tourists. . The specialties of each place are often a manifestation of local culture. There is a good Lu cuisine restaurant in the scenic spot of Zhoucun Ancient Shopping Mall in Zibo, Shandong.
The Yanbin Building in Silk Street, Zhoucun Ancient Shopping Mall, looks strange. It is located in an old house. Compared with the shops next to it, there is nothing special about it. It is very low-key, but the restaurant owner is quite There is a history, the famous Lu cuisine master Fan Hongsheng, is now the third generation of the store.
Lu cuisine is a big category, which can be divided into three series: Jinan, Confucian, and Jiaodong. Zibo Zhoucun is close to Jinan cuisine. The food here is a branch of Jinan cuisine. The taste of the dish is authentic, and the nine-turned large intestine and the sea-baked sea cucumber are the chef's favorite.
Zibo's local Boshan cuisine is also very famous. Boshan is a district of Zibo City, known for its good at cooking. The tofu box is a local famous dish, which seems simple and simple but has a hidden treasure. When Qianlong came to Boshan to eat this dish, the inside of the tofu has been hollowed out, and the mashed stuffing such as lean meat, winter bamboo shoots and mushrooms is added, and the taste is more delicate and rich in taste.
Yanbin Building opened in 1937. Later, it was closed for many reasons. Until the resumption of business in early 2018, it opened in an old house in Zhoucun Ancient Mall and became the dining card of this scenic spot.
Taste is the ultimate secret of the restaurant. The fried chicken is crispy and tender, and the fire is just right. There is no amazing appearance. Only the real diners can appreciate it. There are many classic dishes of
Lu cuisine. In addition to the nine-turn large intestine and onion-burned sea cucumber, the home-cooked dishes such as fried pork and other flowers are also very classic. Although the home can also be done, it is impossible to make the soft and tender waist in the restaurant. The taste.
sweet and sour squid is also a dish that locals like very much. The squid is fried and shaped, and it is made into a squid jumping dragon door, which implies a beautiful meaning. This dish is sweet and sour, and the white fish with thick soup can always evoke appetite.
Posted: May 10, 2019

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I recommended Cowherd Weaving Girl Scenic Area, Jiutian Cave in Yiyuan County, Mata Lake, Yiyuan Lingzhi Cave Scenic District, Zibo Wangmu Pool Scenic Area.
Here are the best places to visit in Zibo, including: Red Oak Yuquan Steaming Hot Spring Resort, Yuanshan National Forest Park, Qi Mountain Scenic Area, Qi Culture Museum, Cowherd Weaving Girl Scenic Area.
Taiyuan went to Zibo's trains and ordinary trains. The train rides at Taiyuan South Station, and the ordinary train rides at Taiyuan Station.