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Things To Do in Zibo

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    Jiutian Cave in Yiyuan CountyZibo,China

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    Ruyuehu Wetland ParkZibo,China

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    Torch ParkZibo,China

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    Wuyanghu Wetland ParkZibo,China

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    Yiyuannanlu Mountain Sceneic AreaZibo,China

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    Zibo Guangdian TheaterZibo,China

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    About Zibo

    Shandong's Zibo is a famous historical and cultural city. The downtown's Linzi District was the capital city of the Qi State for some 800 years from the Spring and Autumn periods through to the Warring States period. It is the birthplace of Qi Culture. This place has many cultural relics and historic traces such that it is known as the “Underground Museum”. The History Museum of the Qi State, Linzi Chinese Ancient Vehicle Museum and Guanzhong Mausoleum are renowned both inside and outside of China. Zibo also has magnificent natural scenery. The place where the lower reaches of the Yellow River meet the northern plains has become known as "Northern China's River Landscape". Mata Lake has excellent water quality. The mountains to the south include the two forest parks, Lushan National Park and Yuanshan National Forest Park. The splendid landscape makes this an excellent place for mountain climbing.

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    Here are the best places to visit in Zibo, including: Zhoucun Ancient City,Tanxi Mountain Scenic Area,Kaiyuan Karst Cave in Boshan
    I recommended Cowherd Weaving Girl Scenic Area, Jiutian Cave in Yiyuan County, Mata Lake, Yiyuan Lingzhi Cave Scenic District, Zibo Wangmu Pool Scenic Area.
    Taiyuan went to Zibo's trains and ordinary trains. The train rides at Taiyuan South Station, and the ordinary train rides at Taiyuan Station.
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