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Hundred Mile Gap

Hundred Mile GapNearby City

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Dazhou Top 1 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 04/01-10/07(Summer Time),8:00am-6:00pm;Open from 10/08-03/31(Winter Time),8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Coordinates: Tujia Township, Xuanhan Ferry, Dazhou, Sichuan Tickets: Taoxi Valley 85 yuan (including scenic transportation), Luopanding 55 yuan (including scenic transportation) Suggested travel time: Taoxi Valley 4-6 hours Transportation: self-driving navigation Bashan Grand Canyon Visitor Center", G65 Baomao Expressway is designed for the newly opened exit of Bashan Grand Canyon→Xinhua Town. From here, a fast track of more than 30 kilometers is built directly to the scenic area, which solves the remote and inconvenient traffic situation, which also benefits The country’s tourism poverty alleviation policy. The Bashan Grand Canyon, formerly known as "Xuanhan Baili Gorge", is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a national geological park, and a provincial nature reserve. It is a mountainous canyon-type natural scenic area composed of karst karst landforms and a national intangible cultural heritage Tujia The location of grass gongs and drums The Bashan Grand Canyon is a karst landform, with ten main peaks protruding from the six major mountains. The scenic area has a long history and numerous historical sites. On August 28, 2018, the newly built Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area opened its doors to welcome guests. During the epidemic, everyone can be held back. With the improvement of the epidemic, the Bashan Grand Canyon opened on February 28. The weather on the weekend is also good. I plan to walk around. It is during the March 8th Festival. Tickets for the scenic spot are free for women and men. Half price, each person only pays 35 yuan for the transportation fee of the scenic spot. After learning the preferential information in the scenic spot, I decided to enter the scenic spot temporarily. Bashan Grand Canyon has several scenic spots with separate fees. Currently, Taoxi Valley and Luopanding are open. We chose the core scenic spot of Bashan Grand Canyon → Taoxi Valley. The Elephant Cave at the entrance of Taoxi Valley is also closed. How to visit Taoxi Valley Scenic Area: Visitor Center Bus→Taoxi Valley Scenic Area Entrance→Elephant Cave→Battery Car→Lianghekou (Mandarin Duck Covered Bridge)→Walk along the plank road for about 9.6km (circular tour, left and right, left is Yuquan River, on the right is Easel Ditch)→Back to Yuanyang Bridge→Battery car→Drifting upper station→Drifting (open in summer)→Drifting lower station→Battery car leaving scenic area→Bus back to the visitor center. ⚠️tips: As the elephant cave is not open during the epidemic, the battery car rides directly to the Lianghekou terminal; the rafting in Taoxi Valley is a leisure rafting and only open in summer, so the return journey is also the starting point of the battery car. We started to visit the Yuquan River on the left at the mouth of the Lianghe River. The Yuquan River is a typical canyon-like scenery. The main attraction is Yuquan Cave. After the Yuquan family, we will end the canyon tour. Next is the plank road up the mountain. The remaining trekking is 7.8km. The glass plank road on the mountain is forbidden to go forward at 2:30 in the afternoon. It is necessary to return on the same road. It is already 2:40 after we got here. Seeing that the plank road is still so high, Abandon the journey, return to Lianghekou on the original road, and continue to visit the easel ditch on the right. The scenery on the easel ditch is relatively open. If you visit the easel ditch service area, the time relationship can no longer proceed. The original road returns to the scenic spot , A vertical elevator is being built here, and you will have one more choice when going up the mountain. Tips, friends who visit the whole circle in a circle can plan more time and enter the scenic spot earlier." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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