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Things To Do in Zunhua

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
_U4***39The imperial mausoleums of the Qing Dynasty, the Jing Mausoleum, the Yu Mausoleum, the Ci's Mausoleum, and the Xiang's Mausoleum are open. In the Qianlong period of the Great Qing Dynasty, the country was rich and the people strong, the Yuling was magnificent, the late Qing Dynasty, the country had been decayed, Cixi Mausoleum was extremely luxurious, by the labor of people and the people, the more luxurious, the more vulnerable to descendants, so they were severely hit by grave robbers.
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187***01Overall, the service is very good, especially Wang Yucui, who also poured water for us, the service is also warm, and there is a big sister in the changing room, who is also very warm! The hot springs on the mountain are very cool! It's a little thing to eat, I hope the food can be improved! The scenery is good,
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M29***62This is a non-polluting pure land, with the "sacred mountain" in the north, facing the morning sun, beautiful spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery, melons, pears and peaches fragrant in all seasons; the air is fresh, the soil is fragrant, the pine and cypresses are swaying, and the spring water is crystal clear; Nowadays, the peaks turn back to the streams; the mountains are undulating, the strange rocks are forested, the ridges are steep; there are many temples, especially the Longquan Temple, the Stone Buddha Hall, etc.; the forests are lush and lush, green grass, towering old trees, some Called the most in the capital.
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世界美食游走达人Come to the scenic spot, turn around, big wind blowing, have fun, climb the mountain, sit the ropeway, very comfortable, also saw the stream, very feeling! ! Fully got exercise, like it! !
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300***25The scenic spots of Xinglong Mountains are characterized by Baimachuan ecological parking lot, tourist transfer center, cliff plank road, sightseeing cable car, hanging restaurant, 100-meter elevator, escalator, 226-meter glass bridge, water landscape construction, A-class toilet, signage system and so on. Xinglong Mountain scenic spot has a vertical 98 meters high sightseeing elevator, 226 meters long full transparent glass bridge, even the scenic cableway is fully glass design, 360 degrees all-round view. Longmen cableway is 1000 meters long and 180 meters high, each box can take 8 people, 70% for the imported equipment. It provides everyone with safe, comfortable and fast way to climb. The glass bridge is suspended above 650 meters high altitude, the total length is 226 meters, the width of three observation platforms is 6 meters, the whole project uses imported materials, the bridge deck is paved with transparent glass, is a full glass structure bridge. The sightseeing elevator adopts full exposure mode. Elevator is 98 meters high, 30 floors high, all-round view. Easy to get to the top of the mountain and a panoramic view of Xinglong Mountain.
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_CF***05My home is right by the lake. Welcome everyone to come to see the photo posted on the first floor and the chestnut tree in my house. It matures around October every year. You can pick those you like and barbecue at my house. I am a college student who wants to go home and start a business.

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Zhao Xi LingTangshan,China

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Xiaogang Hot SpringTangshan,China

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Ci'an & Cixi's MausoleumTangshan,China

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Shangguan LakeTangshan,China

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Ancient Ginkgo Garden of Chanlin TempleTangshan,China

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Yuling GardenTangshan,China

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About Zunhua

Zunhua City is nestled in the southern foothills of the Yan Mountains in northeast Hebei Province. Zunhua has always had the nickname of “the finest city east of the capital.” The location abounds with Dongling (东陵) pastries, Jingdong (京东) chestnuts, and Mopan (磨盘) persimmons. Zunhua has two World Heritage Sites: the Eastern Qing Tombs and a stretch of the Great Wall. It also has the 4A-class tourism attraction Ten-Thousand Buddha Park, as well as the 2A-class attractions of Jiufeng Mountain (“Vulture Peak Mountain”), Shangguan Lake (“Lake on the Pass”), and Wolong Mountain (“Hidden Dragon Mountain”).

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Here are the best places to visit in Zunhua, including: Eastern Qing Tombs,Tangquan Palace Hot Spring Resort,Wanfoyuan
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