Come to this unique world cultural heritage in Guizhou Province: Hailongyu. This is a ruins of the Toast Castle in the Song and Ming Dynasties. It is a testimony to the "Tusi System" of the management system of Chinese ethnic minorities in ancient times. To put it simply, here is the defensive castle built by the emperor of Zunyi (Bozhou) in the southwest of the Ming Dynasty. Strolling here, there is a combination of Peruvian Machu Picchu and Sri Lankan Lion Rock, so these three are called "City of the Sky"
Posted: Dec 16, 2018
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Enter the Zunyi Meeting Site | Get out of the contemporary youth! Guizhou is rich in red tourism resources. In recent years, the red commemorative system centered on the Zunyi Conference site has been continuously improved. Guizhou Zunyi Conference Memorial Hall, Xishui County Red Army Sidu Chishui Memorial Hall, Lushanguan Red Army Battle Site Exhibition Hall, Xifeng Concentration Camp Revolutionary History Memorial Hall... More than 20 red memorial halls and exhibition halls have all been opened to the public free of charge, red culture The protection, research, display, publicity and utilization work has been carried out in an all-round way. The Zunyi Conference site was originally the private residence of Bai Huizhang, the second division commander of the 25th Army of the Sui Army. The entire building is divided into two parts: the main building and the inter-family. The corridor of the main building is a good place for viewing and taking pictures. Here you can see the surrounding green hills and the mountains. The former Red Army two occupied Zunyi and the enemy army battlefields, Honghuagang, Qiqishan, Yupingshan and Fenghuangshan. . The Zunyi Conference Memorial not only protects the cultural relics itself, but also pays attention to the comprehensive and overall protection of the surrounding environment. Around the site of the Zunyi Conference, the regional protection system of the memorial also includes the Red Army General Political Department, Mao Zedong, Zhang Wentian, Wang Jiaxiang Residence, Qin Bangxian Residence, Red Army garrison headquarters, National Bank of the Chinese Soviet Republic, Deng Xiaoping Residence, Red Army General Political Department, Local Work Department and other sites. . By visiting and reviewing historical data, try to restore the appearance of the year. At the Zunyi Conference site, it is inevitable to accept patriotic education. Visitors can relive the arduous history, watch many historical photographs and texts, and a variety of items used by the revolutionary martyrs. Here is a place to grow history and remember the revolutionary martyrs, worth a visit. Address: No. 96, Ziyin Road, Zunyi, Zunyi, Zunyi City Tickets: 108 yuan Opening hours: 8:30~17:00
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