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Staypineapple, University Inn, University District Seattle
4.4/5116 Reviews

Staypineapple, University Inn, University District Seattle

Seattle|2.58km from Green Lake Park
We have stayed in this gem of a hotel at least five times now, and it is consistently excellent. Seattle offers many lodging options, and this hotel has become our favorite. We love this small chain and have stayed in nearly all of them. This Seattle hotel is the jewel in the crown as far as we're concerned, not necessarily because it is the most fancy but because the staff always go out of their way to make the experience a genuinely welcoming one. The pineapple theme is charming, and this particular hotel layers in a fun 60s theme that is upbeat and nicely done. The rooms and lobby are always immaculate, the bedding among the most comfortable of any upper-end hotels, the amenities are appealing without being pretentious. Self-Parking is safe and easy on the premises, creative snacks are offered at the desk, and the rates are among the most affordable for an area that is often challenging. We hope that someday they are able to bring back their breakfast and cute bar. The staff is consistently helpful, genuinely warm, and consummately professional, going out of their way to find ways of making our stay memorable. This particular University Inn managed to do this even in the worst days of the pandemic lockdown when we had to be in the area for serious reasons. We really appreciate the kindness and high quality that the management of this hotel manages to find in exceptional caliber of its hotel staff, especially at a time when so many organizations are struggling to keep even minimum staffing levels. Thank you Staypineapple University Inn! We look forward to coming back whenever possible!

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Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle North of Downtown
3.3/5100 Reviews
Good place to stay, close to downtown and semi easy to get in and out of when driving. 12 min drive to downtown Seattle, made for quick trips to most places to visit. Would stay here again. Slept well.
Ballard's Sweet Suites
4.4/553 Reviews
Sweet spot in the heart of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Small but very clean and comfortable rooms with kitchenette and espresso (pod) machines. Lots of restaurants and bars within walking distance. Major transit (bus) stops also within walking distance.
Days Inn by Wyndham Seattle North of Downtown
3.1/5100 Reviews
We stayed in Seattle on New Years. We had a reservation, and not only was it 15 degrees out and heat wasn’t turned on prior to arriving, but the back window was open. I slept with my long sleeve, under jacket, and thick over coat. The room finally warmed up by the time we had to leave in the morning. It was a fine for just a place to stay for a night, but it wasn’t a great way to start the new year.
Hotel Nexus, BW Signature Collection
3.5/5105 Reviews
The good - The staff was friendly and helpful, and the rooms were clean. It is close to shopping and other amenities which is nice, and was reasonably priced for being in town. They have done a pretty good job of cleaning up and updating an old motel to help it look nice and make it more welcoming, but it's still an old building. The grab and go breakfast was surprisingly better than I thought it would be and managed very well. Again, the staff does a great job! The not so good - The mattresses on both beds were squeaky so that every time you moved or even sat down they made noise. The location is ok, but there are homeless camps near the back fence of the rear parking area and by the highway that are visible from the outer walkways. This means folks milling around in front and back of the hotel. We also had problems with the odor of marijuana drifting into the room from the air conditioner so that we had to turn it off a few times, and through the bathroom vent so that we had to turn it on to clear the smell. Overall it's probably not a place that I would stay for vacation with the whole family, but on this occasion it served our purpose and I think it's pretty typical of most of the older hotels in Seattle. I am not sure where the ”Signiture Collection” designation comes from or that it helps when reviewing this hotel. For me it seemed to underperform the title, so had it been more reasonably listed as ”Sure Stay” I think I would have had a better idea of what to actually expect from the hotel when we stayed. In the end the stay was fine, and the staff is great, but there is a reason we typically stay outside of the city.
Graduate Seattle
3.9/5107 Reviews
There are many Chinese restaurants around the tea shop, Slate Coffee Roasters at the door must go! !! !! Split coffee is very special, close to UW, and convenient transportation; many foreign hotels will charge cleaning fees, but this one does not have it, it is great!
Marco Polo Motel
3.4/5100 Reviews
We stayed at this motel in July 2019. It was completely unclean. There was a loaf of bread in the dresser along with a dirty fork and other garbage. There was mold and fuzzy stuff on the toilet, the shower was dirty and something red and sticky in the drawers. We were not going to be in the room except at night, which still made us cringe not knowing what might be on the bedding, and after our first night they wanted to relocate us to another room as we were leaving for appointment. Were actually irked that we did not have time to pack up our stuff and move for them - they had a booking problem. In addition, their “breakfast” was non-existent and the coffee was either out or cold. Will never stay there again!

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