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Things To Do in Cologne

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sculptorThe construction of the Cologne Cathedral (KölnerDom) began in 1248, but was suspended around 1560. It was not until the 1840s that the project restarted, and the Great Twin Towers completed its original medieval plan in 1880. The cathedral is 157 meters high and is currently the tallest twin-tower church in the world.
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sculptorThe Hohenzollern Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Rhine in Köln, Germany. It crosses the Rhine at 688.5 kilometers. Initially, the bridge was both a railway bridge and a road bridge. However, after the destruction of the Second World War in 1945 and subsequent reconstruction, only railways and pedestrians can pass.
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dinamamaLoved it, downstairs you can try the chocolates you just made, there are posters for chocolates everywhere, and special shops selling all percentages of chocolates, make sure you go to the chocolate museum in Cologne to get a punch in
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sculptorThe Great St. Martin's Church is a Roman Catholic church in Cologne, Germany. Its foundation is the remains of the Roman church, which was built on the island of the Rhine at the time. The church later became a Benedictine monastery. The current buildings, including the towering sea-crossing tower, are landmarks in Cologne’s Old Town, built between 1150-1250.
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Historical Architecture
sculptorCologne’s historic city hall was built in 1569 and is one of the most typical Renaissance buildings. It is listed in almost all art history dictionaries. The tower of the Cologne City Hall was built between 1407 and 1414. As a symbol of its city rule, its five-story building, with a total height of 61 meters, became the first secular "high-rise building" in Cologne.
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小思文The Cologne Perfume Museum has a very strong smell. Many of the perfumes here are brewed from local plants. The original craftsmanship of the perfume is also from here. Whenever you smell the perfume, you feel very comfortable. The Perfume Museum also collects quite a lot. Many items. [Fun] The fun is quite interesting [The price/performance ratio] The purchase is also very cheap