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转角遇到爱520Sanping Scenic Area is located in Wenfeng Town, Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, 47 kilometers away from Zhangzhou City, 100 kilometers from Xiamen, the planning area of the scenic spot 20 square kilometers. The central scenic area is 12 square kilometers, taking Sanping Temple as the main body, after more than 1000 years of changes, leaving a lot of human landscape, there are ancient eight scenes, modern 24 scenes called, among which "three halls and half" structure temple pattern is rare in the whole country. In 2004, Sanping Scenic Area was designated as the sixth batch of provincial-level scenic spots, and in 2005 it was designated as the national 4A-level tourist area. Sanping Temple in the scenic area experienced the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and Republic of China, and was repeatedly damaged by military riots, fire and various natural disasters, and repaired, rebuilt and rebuilt more than 100 times. The existing sanpei Ji Temple has been continuously repaired since 1979, and the overall layout and architectural style are basically maintained by reference to ancient documents.
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青青翠竹Sanping Temple, located in Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, is dedicated to the ancestors of Sanping, or Guangji Masters, known as the people of Huainan. Sanping Temple is in the deep mountains of peace, dense forests, high mountain road. When no direct road, the southern part of Fujian believers are walking to worship, can see the deep faith. The temples are simple and natural, the temple inside the gold sculpture, the eaves painted sculpture, are vivid; Red brick and green tile, granite base stone, all reflect the local characteristics of the architecture of south Fujian and the superb traditional techniques.
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Hot Springs Resort
雨季里的湖The environment in the town is still good, that is, the hot spring pool is not marked with water temperature, and many pools are too hot, it is estimated that 42-44 degrees, otherwise it is the kind of pool with basic cold water. The shampoo bathing is super poor, and the hair dryer is one. The facilities are lower all day, and the environment is OK. Good value for money,
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M58***12Daqin Mountain is the highest peak in Zhangzhou. There is a strange stone at the top, 2.5 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 0.3-0.5 meters thick. It is supported by three stone pillars. When struck in different directions, it will emit different sounds. It is known as the eight-tone stone.
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百里游侠Gaozhai Village, Xiazhai Town, Pinghe County is about ten kilometers northwest of Pinghe County. The roads are very easy to walk, and navigation signs are available, which are easy to find. The county town came over and walked eight kilometers of county road, turned right across a small bridge, and then walked five or six kilometers along the mountain road. Although there are two lanes, the road is not flat and sloped. Here I really see the sincerity of the local discovery of tourism. I have reached several parking lots in the village. The backing is the villagers’ small shops, food stalls, and inns. Looking down, there are 10,000 acres of grapefruit trees, and the trees are densely packed with grapefruits along the concrete. The trail and the steps down to the mid-levels, there are wooden planks, pavilions, wooden cable bridges, and a two-story grapefruit frame with wooden slats. Visitors can go up to see the scenery. Needless to say, the air is good. Picking pomelo in this season and enjoying pomelo flowers in blooming season is also quite pleasant. Looking up from the teak wood building, the buildings on the mountain do feel a bit like the Potala Palace. There are still grapefruits here. The grapefruits here are full of trees. The low-altitude and high-quality Guanxi honey grapefruits have been purchased by the middleman. I tasted one. This grapefruit is also very good, and this grapefruit is twice. The processed pomelo honey is really top-quality. It helps digestion and helps digestion. A can of 20. I regret buying less. It's really hard to get a pomelo!
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M28***95Good, the water will not be very dirty. The drop is quite big, exciting! It is not a very good road, country trail!

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Sanping TempleZhangzhou,China

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Yinxiangbanjing Sceneic AreaZhangzhou,China

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