Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Xilinguole

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tttlookThe car can go directly into the car, you can park the car when you want to see it, there is a tent experience area inside, you can enter the camp at night, there are various farmyards, great sights, great views, will come back again.
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13611302253Erenhot's State Gate is solemn and imposing. The seven red characters of the People's Republic of China are set inlaid above the gate body, and the national emblem is gleaming. The port of the State Gate of Errenhot is the only railway port between China and Mongolia. It is also the aorta of railway traffic linking Beijing with Moscow, known as the "Eurasian Continental Bridge". It is here in July 1, and there is a festive atmosphere to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.
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疾风不可及It is recommended to buy tickets for the Central District, good view, the South and North District have columns to block the view. All are real scenes, people and horses are very good, it is worth everyone to see a game, the time is late 7:40-8:50.
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M40***86The Mongolian Khan City tourist attraction is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, one of the 100 key tourist attractions in the autonomous region, a national industrial and agricultural tourism demonstration point, a leisure agriculture and animal husbandry and rural pastoral tourism demonstration point in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and a leading poverty alleviation enterprise in the autonomous region. It is located on the grassland of Xiwuzhumuqin Banner, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia, next to National Highway G306, 20 kilometers away from National Highway G207, 158 kilometers away from Xilinhot City, 17 kilometers away from West Uzhumuqin Banner, 333 kilometers away from Chifeng City, and Linxi County It is 113 kilometers, 180 kilometers away from Ulagai, 200 kilometers away from Huolin Gol City, and 95 kilometers away from the AAAAA scenic spot Askhatu Stone Formation, with convenient transportation and strong accessibility.
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National Park
北极星My score: [stars] [stars] [stars] [stars] [stars] [stars] There are many magical east Ujimud, located in the town of Ulagai Bayin Hushuo just north of the spring is one, Blinquan in Mongolian meaning hot spring. The three springs flowed out of water for years at 4oC, for years, for the best, the people will taste a few. Blinquan next to an old house, was filmed in the "Wolf Totem" when the film, out of the house can see the present wolf valley. At present, here is filming "The End of the Grassland is the sea", is also a movie. Back to Xilinhot, must go to eat lamb, Xilingoole is China's ecological sheep capital. Ximeng said that Xilingol's mutton is the best in China, which is related to the local soil, water, and pasture. The mutton was invented by the Mongolian people, when the marching war, water, water, helmeted mutton eating. Men on the grassland will kill sheep, eat good mutton is the tradition of the grassland. Stay in the traditional yurt of Zhenglanqi at night, experience the return to the grassland, close to the grassland, feel the temperature of the earth.
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SJackTGeneral attractions, the cost-effectiveness is not too high, the location is also biased, if not self-driving, I want to return from the scenic spot and even the urban area can not take a taxi! It is recommended that the scenic spot improve in the traffic area!