Best Restaurants in April in Dubai Festival City (Updated 2024)

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7Pai Thai

#6 of Restaurants for Views & Experiences in Dubai
14 Reviews
US$80Southeast AsianSpectacular ViewsOpen LateBrunch
佟贝勒爷It’s almost Christmas again. Yesterday I started talking about my recent three-year Christmas trip. The last issue we talked about Morocco (interested friends can read the previous article). This issue we talked about Dubai and many people in the UAE have not heard of it, but when we mentioned Dubai, basically no one knows no one knows. First of all, the UAE is the full name of the country, the United Arab Emirates, consisting of seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Qawan and Cape Hayma), the state is very special neither federal nor republic Nor is it a constitutional monarchy, they are divided apart from military and diplomatic, so some thieves are rich and poor. I have been to these seven emirates, because the exchange does not need to be done and except for the boss Abu Dhabi and the second Dubai, the other emirates are too small and very backward and barren. You can drive all day, and even the third country Sharjah contains the Ajman State. And the Ajman State is connected to the Ummqai countries, hahaha! And 47% of the entire UAE is still desert... It is conceivable that people can now become the world's attention to the local tyrants of the effort and money. Last year, 2019, seems to be the most frequent year I have come to the UAE, and I have been here three times in December, with personal reasons and work reasons. I was going to Israel again last Christmas because I had a Sabbath and a Jewish New Year in Jerusalem before, and the religious atmosphere shook my soul, you think, the birth of Jesus, the stables (the twelve-star cave) In Bethlehem, Palestine, the scene of the Christmas church, usually I go to the scene is moving, that Christmas is definitely particularly spectacular! But in December, I suddenly received an invitation from the Dubai Tourism Bureau to participate in the first Dubai Christmas Desert Carnival, so the original plan was stranded and returned to Dubai! On Christmas Eve on the 24th, I was invited to stay at the Summer Palace of the Jumeirah Castle Hotel (now translated as Jumeirah, Jumeirah is a private sale of the Dubai Chiefs, such as the sailing hotel most familiar to our Chinese, the real name is Jumeirah Arabian Tuberts Hotel), I have lived in the Yigong on the side of the small wooden boat dock before (I spend money to live in a cheaper one, haha) and the top room types are in the Hegong and the summer palace. This time I am too happy not to spend my own money (the price of the summer palace will be over 10,000 a night)! The tourism bureau of the local tyrants is not bad for money! The Christmas layout here is different from the red and green style of European countries, but the solemn Christmas tree green and the local tyrants of Arabian gold match, it looks atmospheric and not exaggerated! What I am most interested in is eating. There should be seven or eighty restaurants of all kinds in the castle hotel, but my favorite is the buffet restaurant Yigong. The environment is good to open the floor-to-ceiling glass door and you can see the sailing hotel. Below is the artificial canal and there are turtles swimming. But mainly because this Hong Kong chef specializes in Guangdong and Southeast Asian dishes, it is very suitable for my taste, hahaha! This time I entered the restaurant to celebrate Christmas in the flower cake exhibition, which was very interesting, adding an atmosphere to the festival!