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4.7/55 Reviews
Municipal Government New District
Five-star praise, the location is particularly good to find, very close to the electromechanical college, it is very convenient to come!
4.4/512 Reviews
Dongtang Area
The room conditions are still good, the waiter disinfects the facilities every day, although the disinfectant tastes big, but also ensures the health of the customers, especially the indoor bathtub hot springs, is good for hygiene. In terms of dining, three meals a day are free, the public home-cooked dishes, can eat full, the taste is acceptable to the Northeast. The price is slightly higher, if it is cheaper, it will be patronized again when you have time.
My Kylin Hotel
4.7/514 Reviews
It’s really good. Although it’s a private hotel, the environment, configuration and cleanliness inside are definitely the configuration of a big hotel. I didn’t expect the private hotel in a small island to do so well. I went out and asked for the highest accommodation. I feel that the place to rest is uncomfortable, so the whole trip is not happy. This time I took the children out to play. The children took a long nap in the room. This accommodation is really comfortable and worth recommending. The sanitary environment is super soundproof!
5/55 Reviews
The hotel is close to the sea, only a short distance away from the station for walking or enjoying the seaside scenery, and it is also close to the station, with convenient transportation, elegant and pleasant environment, and excellent hotel services
Lightly live • Yuexiang Hotel (Fengcheng Government Store)
4.8/5168 Reviews
It can be called a perfect living experience, good location, near Ginza, rooms with view, pure river view room, even two-way river view! Not to mention the hygiene, the service and attitude are absolutely in place. The most powerful thing is that their beds are all 1.5 meters wide! It means that the standard room can accommodate at least four people! It is too friendly for family travel. And the price is reasonable, rest after driving to Fengcheng on the first day, climb Phoenix Mountain on the second day, and continue the journey after a full rest on the third day. I strongly recommend staying for two consecutive days!
4.9/56 Reviews
Wanda plaza/Anton Old Street/Moon Island
It is really important to come out to play and live comfortably. ❗️ First of all, I really didn't expect this price to live in such a clean, spacious river view room, super clean and the bed is particularly soft, sleeping well. The landlord sister was super warm to pick us up and we prepared super sweet pineapple for us, and my heart was warm. The facilities needed in the room have everything, mosquito nets, disposable toilet sets, and even my picky crowd can't fault it. Since I brought the puppy over, I forgot to see if it was pet friendly when I booked the room. I contacted the landlord sister to negotiate if the dog caused all the losses and I will compensate according to the price. We are all very happy people who agreed to bring the dog. But try not to burden Miss Sister, my dog will never let go to bed, and know the point on the urine pad. In short, I really like it here, I will definitely come to live here next time!

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