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Spring Break Italy: March, April Italy Trip Ideas
Spring break in Italy, an European country blessed with beautiful landscapes to see and mesmerize. The cities in Italy have unique cultures as well as culinary skills. It can be visited at any time of the year but if you consider planning a budget holiday along with good climate, Springtime will be the best. Spring brings a lot of positivity and liveliness as the country has ample attractive gardens which blossom during this season. Italians celebrate spring on a huge level. You'll be able to enjoy a lot of springtime festivals hosted throughout Italy. You can witness these splendid festivals wherever you are in Italy just the season being Spring!
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Festival in Italy
Italy is a happy and free country with various festivals. Each district has their own features in Italy, such as Carnival, the Venice Film Festival, Siena’s Horse Racing Festival, Milan Fashion Week, and the Milan Furniture Fair, etc.
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Foodies, Forget The Pizza When You Are in Venice, You Are Guaranteed to Get Hooked After Having These Suggested Foods!
Venetian squid ink pasta: delicious "questionable cuisine" Squid ink pasta (Spaghetti Neri) is a unique delicacy of Venice. You have to try it when you are in Venice. Squid ink is added in the dough making process, which gives the black color to the finished pasta, which are very chewy and rich in protein. Although it looks like "questionable cuisine", it tastes great. The squid ink tastes very fresh with great texture but sometimes it can be slightly salty. Spaghetti Neri is commonly served on its own. If you look for complexity, we recommend you try lobster squid ink spaghetti. The bright red lobster pairs with dark green toward the black color tagliatelle. It is this bold contrast that makes people drool. With the additional ingredients of onions, lettuce, and radish. Squeeze some lemon juice evenly on the surface before eating, it tastes fresh without any fishy smell.
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A Guide to Venice's Outer Islands
The scenery of the outer islands around Venice is also charming and features a variety of different styles, such as Lido Island, Burano Island, Murano Island, and Cemetery Island among others, the most famous of which are Burano Island and Murano Island. You can take the ferry from the wharf of Venice Railway Station or the wharf beside San Marco Square to get to Murano Island in half an hour. Typically, you can arrange to visit several outer islands in a half day or full day.
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Venice: Romantic Experiences in the City of Water
Romantic Venice - experience firsthand why cultured youth flock to the City of Water for its unique scenery.
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There Are Many Top Tourist Locations in the Towns Around Venice, Including the Location of Romeo and Juliet's Love Story Which is Well Worth Visiting!
A place worth visiting near Venice for one day or a half is highly recommended for your photo album. You can get there using the Italian railway. You can choose a one-day tour to Verona, “the town of Juliet”, or a one-day tour to Padova and Vicenza. Alternatively, you can spend half to one day strolling around Treviso, a quiet and peaceful water town.
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Foodies, Forget the Pizza in Venice, You are Guaranteed to Get Hooked to the Treats We are About to Suggest Here!
Foodies, forget the pizza in Venice, you are guaranteed to get hooked to the treats we are about to suggest here!
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Best 9 Things to Spend Your Holiday in Italy
The air in Italy is filled with the aroma of warm chocolate croissants, creamy and thick Burberry scents, whiffs of cheesy pizza, and the sprinkles of olive oil. Italy is one of the most trending hot spots for tourists all over the world. A must stop on the Europe travel package and a real beauty to behold. Italy has been famous for its Picturesque gondola rides and the housing the fashion capitals of the world. Italy is rich in culture, food, fashion, art, history, etc. The best places to visit in Italy include the world-famous Colosseum in Rome, the leaning tower of Pisa in Venice, etc. The Tumblr hub of the world, Italy is beautiful all from within the country. The cute alleys, the rich and luscious creameries, the bicycle tours, and some of the world’s earliest monuments have found their home in Italy.
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Maze in the City of Venice? Better to Enjoy Unparalleled Water Scenery in these Places than to Wander Blindly
Maze in the city of Venice? Better to enjoy unparalleled water scenery in these places than to wander blindly Venice is a famous city on water, composed of more than a hundred small islands. The canals are like a spider web. These islands and canals are connected by more than 400 bridges, so taking the water bus and walking across bridges is the best way to get around in Venice. This special article introduces Venice's most famous Grand Canal, Gondola and the must-see bridge attractions.
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12 Fabulous Things to Do in Venice, Italy
One of the most magical cities in the world is Venice. This waterlogged city is known for its water canals that function as the main transportation method. The city is a collection of over 117 islands that are connected by the canals. Venice is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Venice was also an important city in terms of its cultural contribution, particularly during the Middle Ages and the Italian renaissance. It was also a financial, military, and political stronghold during the same time. Even today, you will find edifices that were a result of this golden era of Venice’s history. Here is a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Venice, Italy.
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11 Amazing Destinations that Will Disappear Soon Due to Climate Change
Everyone loves to take a break or a vacation, especially in our fast-paced lives. Each of us is immersed in our daily chores that many times, planning and executing a vacation is almost next to impossible. Have you been planning to take a vacation anytime soon, but not sure which destination to consider? There are so many interesting destinations around the world that offer a lot of attractions. But many destinations sadly are soon disappearing. Due to climate changes such as glaciers melting, rising global temperatures, sea erosion, destruction of wildlife and forests, and human-made pollution, many destinations need to be visited before they are completely wiped out.
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