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4.5/5Excellent103 Reviews
This grand hotel is the neighbor of a small mall and ATMs. Everything is good there in the hotel except that I was not able to adjust the aircon inside my room. Restaurants and the swimming pool / gym are very good.
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4.6/5Outstanding130 Reviews
Excellent location on the beach and the service was impeccable. Would definitely stay here again in Colombo!
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4.5/5Excellent57 Reviews
World Trade Centre
We enjoyed a large room with a particularly big bathroom. Shower was excellent - and the bed so comfortable. Very friendly staff
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4.3/5Excellent87 Reviews
World Trade Centre
The surrounding environment is good. But the hotel facilities are old.
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4.6/5Outstanding155 Reviews
The hotel is in a good location, just 5 minutes walk from the seaside train station Bambalapitiya. It is very convenient to experience the small trains of Spirited Away. Marino mall is right behind the hotel. It is very convenient to go shopping and eat from the hotel. The hotel is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and there is a VR playground that children love to play. The price is also cheaper than domestic. However, the infrastructure is being built next to the hotel, which hinders the infinity pool landscape.
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4.6/5Outstanding23 Reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions

Colombo Hotel Guide

Colombo is the capital and largest city of Sri Lanka. It is a typical Southeast Asian coastal city. There is beautiful coastal scenery and bustling night markets and casinos, as well as towering skyscrapers and magnificent temples and halls. The romantic and casual atmosphere is what gives Colombo its unique charm.

Colombo is a beautiful city with lush woods, pleasant weather, neat wide streets, and towering commercial buildings. Galle Road, the main street in the city, is a straight boulevard stretching from north to south, and eventually to Galle, which is more than 100 km away. In the streets of Colombo's old city, Hindu and Buddhist temples, Islamic monasteries, and Christian churches stand one after another.

The two iconic buildings of Colombo are the National Museum of Colombo – which houses the largest collection of cultural relics in Sri Lanka and preserves the monument constructed in Sri Lanka by Zheng He; and Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall - an internationally renowned building established in Sri Lanka 30 years ago under the help of China. In addition, the world’s first elephant orphanage, the ancient city of Kandy, the many National Forest Parks, and the South Coast should not be missed either. There’s something for everyone. Book a hotel in Colombo and enjoy your vacation.

Best season for travel: July -- August

Colombo has a pleasant tropical climate with high temperatures but no strong heat. The average annual temperature is around 27°C and is suitable for tourism throughout the year. However, in July and August, Sri Lanka will celebrate the 10-day festival of the Esala Perahera. Although the main venue for celebration is in Kandy, Colombo will also hold many performances with local characteristics such as dancing, music and elephant shows. Don't miss it.

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