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Hilton Dusseldorf
4/553 Reviews

Hilton Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf|2.12km from Messe Düsseldorf
First impressions were reasonable, but during our first morning at the hotel, everything soon went downhill. From 8am till around 4pm there were two separate 'evacuations' into the hotel lobby with fire and police services being called both times. After the first evacuation, we went into town, came back 4 hours later, only for the whole hotel to be evacuated again!! Hotel staff were short tempered and nasty, bluntly barking at us to evacuate with hours going by until they finally told us there'd been a water leak. An emergency situation is understandable and I'm not bothered about that event, but the staff's handling of it was utterly poor. A question about needing to return to a hotel room, after several hours of waiting, to collect an inhaler for asthma, was met with grossly insensitive jokes about secretly taking ecstasy and then we were ignored. This whole ordeal largely amounted to the hot water being switched off, which then remained off for several days. One staff member teased we would get 'freebies' from the hotel as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience; this did not happen. The main hotel lifts became unusable and after being instructed to use the service lifts instead, a bartender charged towards us screaming and being unbelievably hostile, refusing to let us pass or listen to what other hotel staff had literally just informed us to do. His behaviour was diabolical, but he made no apologies for himself and excused himself from the conversation. It was outrageous seeing the entire hotel be displaced in such a clunky and slapdash way. Most of the hotel staf were rude, blunt and pompous. One single receptionist was polite and friendly, and that was the woman who checked us out. Every three or four hours someone was knocking at our door or entering our room for cleaning purposes; we could scarcely relax. We've never felt so harassed in a hotel. The hotel cups provided were barely fit for a gobful of drink and they even took away our only spoon to stir our drinks. The sanitisation standards of the hotel were inadequate, failing to provide basic antibacterial or hand soaps in rooms; I had to use a face soap to wash my hands and the red seating between the lobby and bar was heavily stained with black marks. The restaurant always seemed closed, tha bar never had more than three tables with customers, the bar layout was so cramped that I banged my leg trying to take a seat and the entire hotel decor was dreary and miserable. Most of the TV channels didn't work either. I think the only positives were having a free apple from the bowl in reception every day and ultimately leaving the hotel forever!

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Courtyard Duesseldorf Seestern
4/558 Reviews
I must say that my three-day stay at the Courtyard by Marriott Düsseldorf Seestern was an absolute disappointment. Despite a reservation in January and a telephone call that I wish a room in a higher floor away from the lift, I received a room in the first floor right next to the lift. The room was also just for a wheelchair, although I had explicitly asked not to get anything. When I complained and pointed out that I had made a corresponding booking change months ago, I was fed with the notice that the reception does not make the room classification and I should have come earlier. But my arrival was after 23:00, so I couldn't come earlier. Furthermore, I was told that a group of Asians had extended their stay and therefore no rooms would be free. The room itself (roadchair-right) looked like it had not been living for several days or even weeks. There was dirty box, the seat was broken, the office chair was shut off, there was no iron and the shower was shampooing. When I asked the manager, I was given a card. The lady on the map appears to be not there, because even after several days, she did not even feel necessary to confirm me the receipt of the email, rather to give a answer. It is also particularly sad that the reception has not offered any deescalation measures except that the staff is not responsible for my problem. In general, I cannot recommend the Courtyard by Marriott Düsseldorf Seestern Hotel. The service was insufficient, the rooms were absent and unreasonably expensive. There are definitely better options in the city.
Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf
4.6/5134 Reviews
Very close to the airport and can be reached on foot. The front desk is very friendly and the breakfast is delicious with many varieties. The room is quite large and the facilities are very good. You can ask for disposable supplies from the front desk.
4.1/52 Reviews
I have been visiting this hotel for years to participate in a congress. Unfortunately, I made the mistake to book my reservation directly via the hotel's own reservation. As in times of pandemic, I too have to cancel the journey for a short term in the family. The booking manager was not ready to take back the booking or at least partially repay it despite multiple requests by telephone and email. The reference to the rental costs is also a lip confession, since the house is booked to large congresses and the room is probably double marketed. Of course, this is what is in the AGBs - but it is not up to date when I can cancel this up to 18.00 on the arrival day in the same house via BOOKING. On the question of receipt, the booking manager recommended to send an email to the management. Deceptive and not worthy of a booking manager. Preferably a behavior of a azubis. So you preach stam guests. Sorry, because the years before I was always used in advance.
Lindner Hotel Dusseldorf Seestern
4.1/576 Reviews
The hotel is relatively new, the surrounding environment is good, the breakfast is rich, the service attitude is very good, very professional, you can print for free, send a kettle to the room, the room is cleaned better, very suitable for business trips. There are Chinese restaurants, basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, etc. around, and it is very convenient to go to the city.
Sheraton Duesseldorf Airport Hotel
4.5/5131 Reviews
It is one of those peculiar hotels that serve one purpose only - in this case it is staying for one night when you change planes. The hotel offers everything that is necessary in this case - it is located across the street from the airport, you really can't miss it (the route is well marked all the way). It offers quiet rooms with no view and (probably, my plane was very early so I missed it) breakfast in the morning. I can't comment on how it looks from the outside as I arrived at night and left before dawn but also because it is located on the top floor of a multilevel car parking.
Airport Fashion Hotel
4.1/51 Reviews
Cosy hotel at the park, quietly located. All right and clean

Frequently Asked Questions

Dusseldorf Travel Guide

Brief Description of Messe Düsseldorf

Messe Düsseldorf is one of the leading trade fair organizers in the world, located in Dusseldorf, Germany. With over 50 years of experience, the exhibition center hosts numerous international trade fairs and congresses each year, attracting millions of visitors from around the globe. Spread across a vast area, Messe Düsseldorf offers state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, making it an ideal venue for various industries to showcase their products and services. From automotive and technology to fashion and beauty, Messe Düsseldorf covers a wide range of sectors, providing a platform for businesses to connect, network, and grow.

Must-Experience Things and Uniqueness of Messe Düsseldorf

  • Explore the vast exhibition halls and discover the latest innovations and trends in your industry.
  • Attend informative seminars, workshops, and conferences to gain valuable insights and knowledge.
  • Witness impressive product launches and demonstrations by renowned brands.
  • Network with industry professionals, potential partners, and customers from around the world.
  • Experience the vibrant atmosphere and energy of the trade fair, filled with excitement and opportunities.
  • Enjoy delicious international cuisine and refreshing beverages at the various food stalls and restaurants within the exhibition center.
  • Discover unique and innovative products from different countries, all under one roof.
  • Engage in business matchmaking and establish valuable connections for future collaborations.
  • Visit the job fair section to explore career opportunities and connect with top employers.
  • Experience the seamless organization and professionalism that Messe Düsseldorf is renowned for.

Better to Know Before Visiting Messe Düsseldorf

Before visiting Messe Düsseldorf, it is essential to keep the following things in mind:

  • Check the event schedule and plan your visit accordingly to make the most of your time.
  • Register online in advance to avoid long queues and ensure smooth entry to the exhibition.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking within the expansive exhibition halls.
  • Bring enough business cards to exchange with potential contacts and exhibitors.
  • Keep track of the weather forecast and dress accordingly as some parts of the exhibition may be outdoors.
  • Carry a portable charger for your electronic devices to stay connected throughout the day.
  • Download the official Messe Düsseldorf app for easy navigation and access to event information.
  • Arrive early to avoid crowds and have more time to explore the exhibits.
  • Make a list of the exhibitors and booths you want to visit to maximize your productivity.
  • Take breaks and hydrate yourself regularly to stay energized throughout the day.

Transportation Near Messe Düsseldorf

Messe Düsseldorf is conveniently connected to various transportation options:

  • Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS) - located only 4 kilometers away from Messe Düsseldorf.
  • Dusseldorf Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) - approximately 9 kilometers from Messe Düsseldorf.
  • Public transportation - tram and bus stops are available near the exhibition center, providing easy access to different parts of the city.
  • Taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available for convenient transportation to and from Messe Düsseldorf.

Tips for Booking Hotels Near Messe Düsseldorf in Dusseldorf

  • Book your hotel well in advance, especially during peak trade fair seasons, to secure the best rates and availability.
  • Consider staying at hotels within walking distance of Messe Düsseldorf for convenience and time-saving.
  • Check for hotel amenities such as free Wi-Fi, on-site restaurants, and fitness centers to enhance your stay.
  • Read reviews and ratings of hotels from previous guests to get an idea of the overall experience.
  • Look for hotels that offer shuttle services to Messe Düsseldorf for added convenience.
  • Compare prices and offerings from different hotels to find the best value for your money.
  • Consider joining loyalty programs or booking directly through hotel websites for potential discounts or additional perks.
  • Check if the hotel offers flexible cancellation policies in case your plans change.
  • Contact the hotel directly for any specific requirements or special requests you may have.
  • Book extra nights before or after the trade fair to explore Dusseldorf and its attractions at your leisure.
Remember to visit https://www.trip.com/hotels/Dusseldorf-Messe Düsseldorf/hotels-c762m8171245/ for a wide selection of hotels near Messe Düsseldorf in Dusseldorf!
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