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Residence Hotel Takayama Station
4.7/5139 Reviews

Residence Hotel Takayama Station

Takayama|0.42km from city center
Stayed here for 3 nights with my wife and daughter in two separate rooms. The room size is certainly larger than most hotels of this category in Japan. Quite well laid out in terms of separation of areas for laundry, kitchen, toilet, bathroom + shower, and basin. An internal door closes off the bedroom from the kitchen, laundry etc. Wardrobe is quite huge. Fridge is quite big. Not a bar fridge. Useful if you planned to cook a lot during your stay. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary appliances and utensils. Hotel requests that you wash all your dishes. Washing machine is huge too with all the bells and whistles of a smart machine. Thoughtful provisions: Dimmable ceiling lights with changeable colour from daylight to cool white and warmwhite via remote control. Daily supply of yukata and bedroom slippers. Daily supply of bottled water in the fridge. Daily supply of laundry detergent and softener. Daily supply of tea bags and coffee powder. More can be self collected at the reception. Big bottles of branded quality liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner, face and hand wash, and body lotion. Disposable shaver, comb, cotton buds, etc available for self collection in the lobby. Hanger dryers in the balcony. Toilet bowl comes with Japanese standard of features. Separate bins for combustible, plastic and discarded food. And umbrellas for loan. Suggestions for improvement: Bedside lamps will be very useful. Towel rail or hooks should be provided outside the bathroom. The one and only tiny towel rail is in the shower area and it gets wet. The black spot at the ground entrance to the lift looks like a chewing gum stucked there for a long time. I am sure it can be easily removed. The lift carpet could be better fitted. Overall: This is a small but a great serviced apartment hotel which is located right next to the bus andl train station that can transport you anywhere. It is clean and well maintained. Staff are very friendly and helpful, even though they communicate mainly in Japanese.

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Oyado Koto No Yume
4.7/545 Reviews

Oyado Koto No Yume

Takayama|0.43km from city center
This was our first time at a ryokan and it’s going to set the bar really high. As another reviewer noted, Oyado Koto no Yume embodies the best of hospitality. Right upon arrival, our hosts were warm and helpful. Would also note that the lady whom I think is the owner speaks very good English if necessary. I’ve noticed that the staff will also speak basic Japanese slowly if it’s clear that you’re learning the language and are struggling to speak it but trying—I really appreciated that :) You’re asked to take your shoes off upon entry, which being Asian, I love. I think the host also wiped down the wheels of our suitcases. This little place just goes beyond and above with all the nice things they offer additionally (price inclusive) to ensure you have a lovely stay. There’s a yukata service, where they let you choose a yukata to wear inside or outside, as well as plush coats hanging in the lobby area that you can borrow if it’s cold outside. They have aromatherapy burners with a variety of scents that you can choose, just ask the front desk for an aroma pot. The room itself was pristine and immediately instilled in us a sense of calm. There are little snacks waiting on the table, a fridge that’s actually a fridge and not a minibar so can actually be used by the guest, a full set of cups and plates along with a kettle and coffee pod machine, and the host will explain that you get sleep yukatas and specific face towels as well. If you have the Japanese-style room, the staff will make up your futon while you’re out. They left a sweet note on ours and also a put a pitcher of ice water on the table. It was these little touches that made our stay really pleasant and memorable. Would also mention that if you’re there longer, or it’s raining, there’s a small manga library downstairs and it looks like you can also do origami, which will get proudly displayed in a glass cabinet. There’s also a bathhouse and you can reserve a private one for a small fee. Staying at Oyado Koto no Yume felt like being a welcome guest at home. After we checked out, we were given a set of Takayama postcards as a gift. Would highly recommend you stay here if visiting the charming town of Takayama, and experience the best of Japanese hospitality. I can’t wait to go back. ありがとうございました~
Country Hotel Takayama
4.1/554 Reviews

Country Hotel Takayama

Takayama|0.47km from city center
Country Hotel Takayama is the perfect home away from home in Takayama, Gifu Japan.This hotel is located right across the Nohi Bus Terminal which is right beside to Takayama Train Station. When you get off from the bus, you will immediately see the building. Aside from their perfect location, this hotel also has a KONBINI (are Japanese convenience stores) Family Mart at the ground floor, open 24 hours. Morning markets, Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine, Old Town Street, Hida Kokubunji Temple and Nakabashi bridge are a few tourist location you can easily access by walking (10-15 minutes) from the hotel. I was here last February 24 to 26, 2020. The room is quite spacious for me, got a single room type but I think it can accommodate 2 people in it. I was able to booked it online through for Php 4,024.78, not bad! It has complete basic amenities you can find in a room including a comfy sleeping robe. Room is super clean and smells so good. Considering I wrongly booked the smoking type room. The only downside I had about the room was that the heater was broken. It was so hot inside, thanked God it was winter time so I just slightly opened my window. So cold breeze from the outside can get in. Overall, Country Hotel Takayama is HIGHLY RECOMMEND aside from their perfect location. Staff are very good, speaks English and really helpful and accommodating. Their Manager helped me booked a taxi who is going to picked me up at the highway on my route to Gujo Hachiman. Because taxis in Gujo Hachiman are booked a day before your arrival and they don’t speak English at all. And If you’re a Filipino, you are most likely going to bumped into one of our kababayan who is working on this hotel. So far, she’s the only Pinoy here and she speaks Bisaya, from Davao City. I hope this help post helps you in your future travels to the beautiful City of Takayama.

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Hotel Around Takayama, Ascend Hotel Collection
4.8/5156 Reviews
Ein sehr nettes Hotel, welches erst seit 1 Jahr in Betrieb ist, und in den Bergen liegt. Die Zimmer sind sehr hell und modern eingerichtet. Dort waren wir für 2 Nächte während unserer Rundreise untergebracht. Das Frühstück war nach japanischer Art und wurde am tisch serviert, was natürlich etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig war, aber trotzdem sehr gut war.
Route Inn Grantia Hidatakayama
3.9/542 Reviews
On the way to Hokuriku on a solo trip, I stayed at this hotel for the first time to stay in HIDA Takayama city for one night. A 8 story hotel on the west side of Takayama station. It was easy to sit and sleep in a semi double bed. I am glad that the juice of the vending machine can be drunk by one service. Whatever I liked, I liked the inner hot spring of the natural hot spring and the outer hot spring which became semi open air. The body warms up in a weak alkaline hot spring. Shampoo • rinse is also good to be selected from 4 types. It is surprising that both dinner and breakfast are substantial. In particular, there are many menu of small bowls for buffet dinner, and there are many dishes that use vegetables in HIDA region. There is an open kitchen, and you can get roast beef and aritoba shrimp in front of you. 〆 is HIDA beef suji curry rice It is a little sweet, but it is full of onions and beef suji It is not a luxurious spice that made it, but it is an excellent product that can taste the taste of HIDA beef luxury. I want to replace any cups. If you come to HIDA Takayama again, I want to stay at this hotel.
Ryokan Hida Beef
4.9/59 Reviews
This time I went to the hot spring hotel by car. There was no sun parking space at the door, so the staff helped me park in a more difficult place. There are not many parking spaces, about 6-7. The price includes dinner and breakfast. It starts at 6 o'clock in the evening and 8 o'clock in the morning. It is not a good meal but a few exquisite. I should have a lot of packages on the official website, but only the most basic package. If you want to add money to upgrade, you should use the Japanese network to book a room. The room has its own private hot spring. The location is near the Xinsui Gao Cable Car Station, and it should be within half an hour by car.
Hida Takayama Hodakaso Yamano Iori
4.1/523 Reviews
Traveling with children and staying in Takayama for one day, the hotel is very close to Takayama Station and Nobus. When booking, it was three people. When staying, it was two people plus an extra bed. The room only had a toilet, and the public bath was not big, but there were few people. Old-fashioned Japanese style hotel without lift. There is a small courtyard, which is still very beautiful and has a good location. The mountains are not big, and you can go anywhere you live here.
Hida Takayama Guest House OUKA
4.4/518 Reviews
My shoes were stolen! I just left the store yesterday, but the shoes were stolen! The hotel handled the problem by giving me a pair of old shoes that were much larger than my feet and did not fit at all. To be honest, we are very dissatisfied with this approach! I added a clerk, and the explanation over there just said that someone might have taken the wrong one, but there is a big gap between my shoes and that person's shoes! Mine is cloth shoes. Others have lacquer finishes, and the shoelaces are of different shapes. If others take them, they will be too that.... I will travel to other cities for the rest of the time. Now I am wearing the ones that the shop gave me. Old shoes, I can't find a shoe store, which is quite painful! This is my experience... If you come to live here, you might have to prepare an extra pair of shoes! My shoes have been stolen! Just left the store yesterday, but the shoes were stolen! The way the hotel handled it was to give me a pair of old shoes that were much bigger than my feet and didn't fit at all to solve the problem. Seriously, we are not satisfied with this way of handling! Added the clerk to contact, over there explained that someone may have taken the wrong shoes, but my shoes and that person's shoes are very different! My shoes are made of cloth. Other people's shoes are painted with different shapes and laces. If others take them, it's too much... I still have to travel to other cities. Now I can't find a shoe store in the old shoes that the store gave me. It's very painful! This is my experience... If you come here to live, you may have to prepare another pair of shoes!
Yumoto Choza
4.8/57 Reviews
It was scheduled to come in early July, but the road was stopped by heavy rain and there was a cancellation from choza, but it was possible to come in September. I went from Takayama to R158, but there was a landslide in 々 July and there were several one-way passages, but I was able to arrive in the evening. There is a private passage (approach) from the parking lot to the entrance of the inn, and the expectation of the long seat is swelled (≧∀≦) When you enter the entrance, there is a front cherry blossom lobby, and there is a large Irori beside the lobby, and the romantic of the long seat is It's like drifting. This time, I was in a room with a 10 chapter + hibachi, but the room with a hibachi was not large and I didn't have to take it (^^;) because it was guided to the room and it was a corona ridge, the futon was laid from the beginning, and the room of 10 chapters felt narrow I was in the hot spring before dinner, cross the road in front of the inn to ”kawara no Yu” and walk through the green tree 々 path, there is a hot spring hut and arrives at ”kawara no Yu”! This is a semi open-air bath (the hot water of the beauty of the source hanging) You can enter slowly while listening to the sound of the river. The large bath in the inner bath is made of high ceilings and is slowly immersed in the hot springs. Also, the open-air bath was large and the leaves of the tree 々 fell, and I was able to take a bath here, but when I went in the morning, the open-air bath did not seem to be very beautiful 〜 (^ ◇ ^;) Dinner is a restaurant with a fireplace ‼︎ charcoal is burned in the fireplace You can bake local seasoned oil, salted cherry blossoms, and gohei Mochi with charcoal fire slowly. There are only local delicious foods such as preceding, appetizer, sashimi of HIDA mass, boiled bowl, iron plate grilling of HIDA beef, tempura of mountain vegetables, and rice of HIDA Koshihikari, and local sake is also available. I also enjoyed the bone sake of rock fish (≧∇≦) Breakfast is also delicious and enjoyable, such as local vegetables, mountain vegetables, and so on. The room was also dedicated to each room and I was able to eat without worrying about other guests. This time, I was sometimes called corona cherry blossoms, but I was able to spend with great satisfaction (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) I went home from R471 (Okuhida Yu no Hana Kaido Road) along the Takahara River on another route from the way I came back! This was wider and there were few construction sites and I was able to return to Takayama easily.

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Book your hotel on for an amazing travel experience. If you want to stay at the best hotel in Takayama, is here to help! While traveling to Japan, Takayama is one of the most popular destinations. You can stay 3-5 days at hotels in Takayama without running out of things to do.

Though there is no civilian airport, it's still easy to take a bus or train to reach Takayama. JR Nagisa Station is a large train station in Takayama. It's convenient to stay at a hotel in the nearby area.

You don't have to worry about accommodations when traveling to Takayama. Here, there are more than 141 hotels for you to choose from. The local average price is 163 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 3 five-star hotels in Takayama at an average price of 447 USD per night. There are 30 four-star hotels in Takayama at an average price of 226 USD per night. There are 59 three-star hotels in Takayama at an average price of 171 USD per night. There are 36 two-star hotels in Takayama at an average price of 105 USD per night. There are not many well-known chain hotels in Takayama, but staying at a unique local hotel will make you feel at home. If the comfort level of your trip is important, there are many choices in Takayama, such as hotels under the Best Western brand. Those who favor Best Western can choose a hotel under its name. Hida Hotel Plaza in Takayama is a favorite among users. Many tourists also stay at Best Western Hotel Takayama.

In the city center of Takayama, you'll have easy access to Lacquerware Museum (Hida Takayama Shunkei Kaikan), Hida Kokubun-ji Temple. For short trips in Takayama, Hirayuotaki Fall, Shinhotaka Ropeway, Oku-Hida Spa Village are all good options. The most famous attractions locally are Kusakabe Folk Museum, Takayama Jinya. Commercial areas like Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Alpen(Frespo Takayama), Hida-Takayama Miyagawa Morning Market are ideal places to buy souvenirs.

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