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Yizhihao International Hotel (Tongcheng Branch)
4.7/5182 Reviews
The overall environment of the room is good, relatively clean and well equipped. The boss is very warm and the front desk service is very good. But the air conditioning in the room is a bit loud at night, and the corridor outside in the morning is a bit noisy and soundproof.
Thank Inn (Zoucheng Zhongye Plaza)
4.6/5299 Reviews
The hotel is located in the old city of Yucheng, very close to Liuchi Lane, the Temple of Confucianism and the Museum, and can be reached within a few minutes' walk. The most rare thing is that the hotel provides free parking and the parking lot is the underground garage of Zhongye Building. The underground garage elevator goes up to the ground and is facing the hotel gate. Very convenient for self-driving people. The room was clean and the bathroom was separated from wet and dry. There is too little furniture for things. It would be great if you can add a table and a chair. Of course, this location can park for free, the price is not high, and the price is super high.
Anhua Hotel, Yucheng
4.8/51 Reviews
The boss is very good
Wuba Hotel
4.9/58 Reviews
The space is large, it looks clean, and the location is convenient. There is a big shopping mall nearby, and you can go shopping if you have time. There is also WIFI in the store.
Shangmei Boutique Business Hotel, Tongcheng
4.5/579 Reviews
Facilities: The facilities are complete and not bad Hygiene: very good Environment: Sound insulation is a bit bad Service: The front desk is very good, and the room type is upgraded for free.
Vienna Hotel (Tongcheng Tongkang Road)
4.7/5212 Reviews
The hotel as a whole is quite clean, there is an underground parking garage for parking, the front desk beauty service is very warm, especially the front office manager Miss sister service is very thoughtful, but also free to upgrade the room type, here is not far from the city, come to work is also very convenient

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