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Things To Do in Congjiang

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Terraced Field
D34***16Incredible scenery here. A great place for sunrises and to fly your drone. There are only a few restaurants, but their food is excellent andall locally grown. The temperature is perfect for walking and the walks are not hard, just long.
Nearby City
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善了哉的The data shows that there are about 18 ethnic minorities living in Guizhou Province, and the Miao nationality is one of the larger ethnic groups, so the trip to Miao Village with the characteristics of ethnic groups is the focus of Guizhou trip. Kesha Miaozhai, known as the last Chinese gunners tribe, still has a musket, razor-shattered head, worship ancient trees folk customs. Although it is not entirely farmed and hunted to meet the needs of life, the folk culture inherited for thousands of years is a valuable wealth for the Chinese nation. The life of the village is peaceful and quiet, has not been affected by the outside influence, hope that such a day can continue to pass on, let the future generations also feel its national customs of the beauty!
Nearby City
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D34***16Peaceful town with unique architecture. Visiting the terraces is a must, walk up to really experience it, but if its too hot you can take the bus for 20¥ round trip
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M37***29First: This place is free (what experience do you want) Second: It is only singing during the festival, it is only going to be time. Third: I want to listen to singing, the whole area of the Dai nationality will sing in the next month or so. As long as it is the Dong ethnic village, the big village will sing, do activities, programs ah. You just listen carefully to find that each village sings the song of the tone is not the same, each has different style, the song is not the same. (The local may feel similar, but the local can hear, such as next door to the Huanggang, singing will be different.) Fourth: Why I know these, ask is the local, what three villages a village. In fact, a village divided into three villages, three villages into a village. Don't ask why, ask them, you can tell by asking them locals! Over, thank you! I hope to help you.
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Historical Architecture
yylatpkuThis is a free attraction, very small, do not need to arrange time, if you live from Jiangxian City, you can walk after dinner, because it is located on the road from Jiangxian City to Jiabang terraces, you can also look at the way to add the list terraces. From the building of the Jianggulou, there is a small square, it is estimated to be about ten minutes to go around, next to the hotel that is better from the Jiangxian City, parking is very convenient. From the Jiang Drum Tower is very high, probably the largest Drum Tower in southeast Guizhou, all the wood structure is made, very exquisite, whether it is the external structure or the internal structure, is worth enjoying. Drum Tower Square is next to the Liujiang River, shopping the square can sit on the riverside to enjoy the river view, of course, because of the high terrain, can not go into the river. The Gulou Square is also worth seeing are a few giant ancient maple trees, the largest one is over 400 years old, several big maple trees provide very good shade, in the good weather, sit on the bench under the maple trees, listen to the drum towers singing and dancing sound, It's a great vacation experience.
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古言新语"The Mysterious Village of Zhanli Dong Village" is surrounded by mountains, and the Gulou hanging tower has strange customs. One son and one daughter honeysuckle, but many children and many daughters do not exist. The pharmacist closes his palms and exchanges flowers and plants. There is no increase or decrease in the number of people in Guzhai, and there is no penalty for abiding by the law. Nothing but marriage but no marriage, three generations inside the village. There are rules for the date of marriage, and it is not allowed to divorce and fall in love again.