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68 Reviews
LHCYEnter the huaiheyuan scenic spot, directly opposite can see the dai yu hall, not far from the side is the dragon king temple. From the Longwang Temple, all the way along the trail, only to see the road, green trees, birdsong hills, the turbulent water, in the mountains and forests, sound crisp, in the valley reverberation worth mentioning is a line of sky! It was once the Dagu Mountain guide, looking out, between the two mountains, there is a small water out, clear and incomparable, flowing through the years of the thousand years, it seems to speak silently Dagu guide the feat.
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没听说mrFirst time to the Xizhang County of Gansu Province, just take a casual look at the attitude, but to the scenic spot, only to find that it is very beautiful, really worth to go. The scenic area is divided into two parts, Dongxi and Xixi, now temporarily control Dongxi, mainly as a nature reserve to protect, but only one Xixi is enough to play for a day, the scenery is very beautiful, green mountains and green water, stream waterfall, high oxygen content, also has the exploration meaning, worth to come.
72 Reviews
Water Park
M27***72The experience is very good, it is recommended, the scenery is good, interesting and fun. The swimming pool generally feels much better than the swimming pools in Lanzhou New District and West Happy Garden. The most important thing is that there is a circle of drifting pool around the swimming pool. You can take your own swimming ring to play. Great experience
66 Reviews
lyn0919Guiqing mountain, which is known as "Xiaohuashan" and "Guiqing Fairyland" in the Tonglu County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, is a bright pearl embedded in the "Silk Road", with the vast and vast forest sea as the main line, combining the strange landscape and ancient temples human landscape. The bridge is a bridge that spans the valley between the middle peak and the west peak of Guiqing Mountain. It is also a thrill. It is understood that the bridge was built in the Ming Longqing period, over 400 years, after many repairs, still preserves the architectural features of the Ming Dynasty. Step on the bridge, overlooking the cliff, the common white clouds floating at the foot, giving people a feeling of flying clouds, floating like a fairy.
71 Reviews
Memorial Temple
M43***98Last time with family go together, Lijialong Palace is now better and better, antique architecture is refreshing, Lijialong Palace inside the building witness the history of the West, I hope that the West will develop better and better after the West.
67 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
LHCYYuexin Hot Spring Water World is located in Yuexin Hotel, Tongyu County, Gansu Province, with different temperature hot spring soup pool and swimming pool, as well as children's play facilities, children like it very much, suitable for the holiday to bring children to play. Tickets: 108 yuan / people, take Yuexin Hotel room card to enjoy 88 yuan discount price; 1.2 children above 58 yuan / people; 1.2 children below meters free.

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Nante Hot Spring ManorDingxi,China

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Minxian Minzu Minsu MuseumDingxi,China

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Lijiaxia Ecology Tourism Sceneic AreaDingxi,China

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Yuanmeng SquareDingxi,China

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Xiyanshan Forest ParkDingxi,China

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Xiyan Mountain HuiyuansiDingxi,China

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Dingxi Travel Tips

About Dingxi

Dingxi is in central Gansu Province, where the western Qinling Mountains adjoin the Longxi Loess Plateau. It is a major eastern gateway to Lanzhou. Dingxi was an important city on the ancient Silk Road, and today the major rail line between Asia and Europe, the “New Eurasian Continental Bridge,” passes through here. Dingxi has a long history and famous forest parks: Guiqingshan (“Honorable Clear Mountain”), Zheyangshan (“Sun-Covering Mountain”), and Lianfengshan (“Lotus Peak Mountain”). There are also archaeological sites of the famous Majiayao Neolithic culture and the Qijia and Siwa cultures. Here you can also find structures built in one-of-a-kind styles like the Weiyuan Baling Bridge and the Weiyuan Tower in Longxi.

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Oct 16, 2021 Dingxi Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 85%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:08/18:26
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