Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan
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Geological Sites
National Park
E29***70A beautiful National Park and not very crowded. We were surprised how quick it was to get through, we thought we would be spending half the day there, but after walking all the possible tracks we were only inside for just over an hour
141 Reviews
天道酬勤6257It's a really nice place, very fun, every weekend with daughter-in-law and children to go here, look, walk, look, enjoy the beautiful scenery, breath the air here.
57 Reviews
情途🍃Very good travel experience, go to travel, use, book tickets is super convenient and super safe! It is very convenient to check the price, the same as other platforms, or's *** option is the most.
20 Reviews
fcy911"The Yellow River under Heaven in Gui Deqing", although I have heard about it, I was quite surprised to see it. When we came to Qingqing Yellow River Waterwheel Square in Guide, we saw the clear and gentle Yellow River. It is said that this section of Qingqing Yellow River is about 70 kilometers long. On the square, you can see a huge wooden structure waterwheel with a diameter of 20 meters, blue sky and clear water Danshan, as well as a quaint large waterwheel. Such a style of the Yellow River is not abundant elsewhere. Not far from the big waterwheel, there is a statue of a girl from the Yellow River. I don’t know if it means that the Yellow River is here or "Girls’ Generation". Many tourists come here to take a speedboat tour, which is also a very pleasant thing.
37 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Other Places of Worship
宁静致远1010The Jade Emperor Pavilion in Guide is worth a visit. The building complex is a Ming and Qing-style architecture, which integrates Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, coexisting harmoniously. The three-story civil-timbered pavilion towers into the floor, and you can see from afar, and you can see the scenery of the county and the surrounding area. It is refreshing and inspiring!
24 Reviews
新-云The Yellow River Guide Qing, the Yellow River Qing Bridge is the biggest span of the Yellow River in Qinghai, this is the true face of the Chinese mother river. This time lucky to just catch the pear flower festival, full of the city.

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Laji MountainHainan,China

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Nanhai PalaceHainan,China

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Huanghe SquareHainan,China

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Hexizhen MosqueHainan,China

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Guide Confucious' Temple and Yuhuang PavilionHainan,China

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Guide Yellow River YachtHainan,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Guide, including: Ashgang Colorful Peaks Scenic Area in Guide National Geological Park,Laji Mountain,Chinese Fuyunlun
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