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Things To Do in Heze

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Historical Architecture
红色未来Shuiyucheng, Pucheng County, is located in the center of the county, convenient parking, the scenic area is large, the interior is beautiful, many introductions about waterlogging, and the live performances are very interesting, the children like it, usually not too many people, is also suitable for taking pictures here. Bring your own food, take your time, watch the show, and play for most of the day.
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_We***33Many flowers, very fragrant, pleasant scenery, super big inside, did not finish shopping for two hours, the attractions inside are very good, the color is very full, the goods inside are slightly more expensive than the outside, it is best to buy some food and drink outside to bring in, relatively cost-effective, in addition, the outside wreath is about 5 yuan a, It is double expensive inside. It is recommended to bring a sunglasse or other sunshade. If you go recently, remember to bring a mask. There are many Liu Qi. If you forget to bring it, you can scan the code to collect it at the door. It is very humane. It is recommended to play. If you go to play in Heze, pay attention to limit the travel.
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小哇鸭Went with the child, Jingmei, the child is happy. The key is to catch up with the sea lion show, all kinds of fish, it really gives children a long experience. Have a chance to go again
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Hot Springs Resort
其路漫漫This is a hot spring I often come to, the overall decoration environment is very intentional romantic feeling, the optional hot spring pool is also very much, especially the pool of Chinese medicine very much, the hot spring temperature is absolutely enough, there are a lot of rest areas, there should be a mobile water delivery service, feel very humanized. Weekend soaking in the hot springs, swimming is very relaxing, highly recommended, this is one of the few places to relax in Heze!
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M48***01Today, I visited the safari park and wrote about my visit: I hope that friends can visit the zoo civilizedly and not give animals any food at will. Today, a tourist found out that a kindly drink bottle to the monkey as a toy, the result was the monkey as feeding food, directly bit the plastic bottle to eat into the stomach. So call on the majority of tourists not to throw things to small animals at will, your careless action may hurt the lovely animals.
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120***68Heze 100 garden needs not big but peony flower age is long, there are many 100-year-old flowers, one of them more than 400 years. Many peony flower types are good, worth to see. It is not far from today's ancient peony garden and Caozhou peony garden, the price of entering the garden is the lowest in the three gardens. Going to Heze to see the peony, this garden is not to be missed, the whole garden of peony boutiques is high, and the layout is convenient for visitors to view and take pictures. The staff in the garden are very good and helpful. Thank you!