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Things To Do in Mohe

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E45***85This is the place to be. There's plenty to see in the village and from here you can plan treks to other sites like the Santa Claus House, the nothernmost point in China, and elsewhere. But be warned! Things aren't as close as they seem to be. says Santa Claus village is 210 meters from the place where I stayed, but it's more like 25 km. The northernmost point in China is many more kilometers away and, after a certain point, there is no cell phone signal (so, bring plenty of cash). But in this "North Pole Village" you'll find the northernmost post office (an attraction in itself) and you can buy blueberry products made in the Mohe area (like blueberry wine).
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吉仑太Go to Mohe by yourself, no need to find a travel agency. There are direct flights from Harbin to Mohe and direct trains. The place to live can be booked on Ctrip, and the hotel grade is determined according to your own financial situation. As for the expensive food, this is true, but the expensive is not aimed at foreign tourists. The locals are also expensive to buy vegetables because of the cold local climate and the high cost of vegetable transportation. Living in Mohe is generally a temporary settlement, and the destination is Arctic Village. From Mohe to the Arctic Village, you can take a tourist bus, (there is a bus to the Arctic Village only 50 meters from the airport) or you can charter a car. The price of a chartered car ranges from 150 to 300. Local taxis can be chartered. The hotel can help contact. In addition, do not eat chicken stew with mushrooms in local restaurants. The ingredients are chicken racks, all bones.
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E45***85Expect to climb some stairs - a lot of them! But once you get to the top, you'll see some wonderful views. Your transportation will take you to a certain point and, from there, you have to take a special designated bus to go here and to China's northernmost point (110 RMB to go to both).
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素鳶Mohebei Red Village, the northernmost point of China in the true sense, its coordinates are slightly norther than Arctic Village! It takes four or five hours to drive the mountain road from the North Pole Village, and only three hours to take the Heilongjiang route! There is a stele on the northernmost Sino-Russian border in the picture above, "Congratulations, you have found the north"... Not far behind is the main channel of Heilongjiang Central, that is, the Sino-Russian border; the real northernmost post-Beihong Post; Chinese soldiers on border patrol: China and Russia’s handling of illegal entry is at best repatriation. Russia’s praises are: if you cross the border, you will be arrested, if you are caught, you will be sentenced, you will be shot when you run, and you will directly kill you when you resist. I only dared to stretch my foot to cross the boundary...; the last is the scenery when the sun sets, and I don’t know if it is caused by the light or halo reflected by the snow.
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yangniziThe birch tree is a bit like the poplar of the north, straight, great, such as the swords straight north of the country long days. There are also one or two, three or five trees grow into branches and branches, the crown of the broad large trees, showing the birch tree another style. The birch tree is generally mixed with Larix, coconut pine. There is also a separate birch forest belt, along the road birch forest belt is a landscape, a dense white gray trunk flashing, sometimes wind, the top of the tree leaves by the wind rolled, revealing the leaf of the opposite silver white, like half-tree white flowers. Into the birch forest, the highlight is the birch bark, sometimes cracked and rolled. If the potential peels, is one layer of closely bonded birch bark. The bark of the maple is very bright, light yellow, with a light coffee-colored fine spots, and very tough, stripped to a thin, like a flapping wing, also can not tear it. The local people use maple bark to make dumplings, bags and other real articles or crafts, Orenchun people even use it to cover the roof or make a squat boat.
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yangniziComposed. Nine-Quds Eighteen Bends are located on the 485 section of the Kamo Highway. On this viewing platform, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the nine-quds River against the pine and cypress. The Jiuqu 18-bend natural scenic spot is the northernmost wetland in China, and it is a natural original ecological wetland. In winter, standing on the observation platform, the Emuer River covered with snow is like a white dragon coiled in between, and the glacier on the shore is white as jade, crystal clear, Some are like mushrooms, some are like cliffs, some are like caves, showing the wonders of northern countries, the cold, the magnificent snow field, this is the nature of the oni axe magical work to give the great Hinggan Ridge wonderful scenery.