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Ultimate Guide to Havana Cuba: Best Things to Do
Havana, the capital city of Cuba, is one of the most beautiful places one should think of when planning a vacation as there are plenty of things to do in Havana Cuba. Apart from being its capital, Havana is also the commercial port and the largest city in Cuba. With a touch of deep history, Havana has a past to remember. Founded by the Spanish for its strategic location, Havana has witnessed all from the sinking of US battleship to the Spanish-American War. The Old Havana is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, Havana has attained the reputation of being a place for debauchery since the 1920s, under the presidency of Gerardo Machado.
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Nostalgic But Fun Things to do in Cuba
Expecting the unexpected is something that you would probably get used to on your visit to Cuba, Havana. The once forbidden kingdom is a time warp that holds hidden gems in nooks and crannies. Discovering those few gems takes you on enticing and compelling trail that is mired in mysterious matrimony of rich and poor, old and new, mundane and magical. Cuba Havana is a lot like the dilapidated buildings that cover the scape, a little rough around the edges, but when you look closely – absolutely beautiful. While you’re in Cuba Havana, some things take you back in time so well, that you might forget that you live in the 21st century for a split second and get caught up in a nostalgic feeling superimposed on dispersed bursts of déjà vu.
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