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Tokyo to Osaka: How to Travel Cheap and Fast?
The cheapest way to travel between Tokyo to Osaka is by bus, especially night bus. Total journey could spend 8-10 or so hours. Tips: Might be worth the extra 500 yen to have onboard toilet and comfortable chairs and night bus save you one night hotel fee. Fastest way to travel between Tokyo to Osaka is Shinkansen, faster than air! Total time cost: 150 min. No safe checking, not so long on the trams to airports. Leaving at the same time, those taking the Shinkansen will reach the destination earlier than those flying.
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The Best Cherry Blossom Spots
Every year in the springtime, it’s cherry blossom season in Japan. Starting out from Okinawa in January, the blooming of cherry blossoms gradually moves northward, and following the cherry blossom blooming trail has become a big tourist event in Japan. Below are Japan’s 10 most famous cherry blossom spots, found in the Kanto, Kansai, and Hokkaido regions.
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Great Things to See Besides Deer in Nara
Nara was Japan’s first capital, less than an hour’s drive from Kyoto and Osaka, and is known for its many world heritage buildings and wild deer running around.
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In Nara, The Old Capital of Japan, You Can Experience The True Japan and Appreciate The Cherry Blossoming As Well As The Maples!
Maple Raiders - Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple is one of the most ancient and famous temples in Japan. It is listed as one of the three big scenic spots in Kyoto along with Kinkakuji Temple and Nijo Castle. In the autumn, as far as the eye can see, thousands of maple trees fill with flowers. The flowery autumn scene is the best place to enjoy the maples! There is a hanging Qingshui stage in front of the main hall of the Kiyomizu Temple. It is a national treasure-ranked a cultural relic of Japan. Every year during the season of red leaves, Kiyomizu Temple will provide a "Special Nighttime Worship" event for visitors to amuse themselves while watching the maples at night.
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A Visit to Japan's World Heritage Sites (Part II)
The castle of Ryukyu Kingdom and Associated Heritage Groups Cultural heritage: Shuri Castle is one of the must-see attractions to Okinawa, which was once the capital and palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Ontake-san inside the castle and neighboring Tamaudun Mausoleum have been listed as the world cultural heritage sites by UNESCO. Date for listing as world cultural heritage site: December, 2000
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Visit Japan’s World Heritage Sites (I)
Japan has a great enthusiasm for world heritage. From their first 4 most important world heritage sites at the end of 1993, there have been new projects almost every year. So far, 21 sites have been listed in the world heritage list, including 17 cultural heritage sites and 4 natural heritage sites.
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Deer and Temples: Top 10 Things to do in Nara
Nara is the capital of Nara Prefecture, which lies in the Kansai section of Japan. The Nara Prefecture is known to have the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as compared to any other prefecture. This gives tourists no shortage of things to do in Nara. The city houses eight temple, ruins, and shrines which along with Kasugayama Primeval Forest, form the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara’. The ‘flat land theory’ is the most widely accepted explanation of the name Nara to mean ‘gentle gradient slope’ or gently sloping. With several shrines, museums, and gorgeous gardens, Nara is next only to Kyoto in the richest accumulation of traditional Japanese sites.
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11 Traditional and Fun Things to Do in Nara
The ancient city of Nara, which was Japan’s capital from 710 A.D to 794 A.D, is one of the major tourist destinations in Japan. Known for its tame deer, which roams freely in the city, there are a lot of things to Do in Nara.
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