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The 8 Places That Makes You Know Better About Van Gogh
It must seem bizarre, but Vincent van Gogh did not decide to pursue an art career until the age of 28. It is also ironic that he passed away a mere nine years later but did create nearly 900 paintings in that short span of his artist life. Despite his untimely death at an early age of 37, he created 850 oil paintings and 1500 paintings, which means one in every 36 hours. Tragic but true, Van Gogh and Van Gogh paintings never tasted success when he was alive. However, since he died in 1880, he was elevated to iconic status with every passing year. He led a tragic life and was in and out of mental hospitals most of the time, he was alive. Only one of his paintings was sold when he was alive. Time has changed, and today he has been widely acknowledged as one of the most brilliant and talented, albeit troubled artists is the chronology of modern art.
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