ABBA & 70s Tribute Night | The Clarence Cafe Bar

ABBA & 70s Tribute Night | The Clarence Cafe Bar

May 31, 2024 (UTC+0)
The Clarence Cafe Bar


Experience the ultimate nostalgia at the upcoming ABBA & 70s Tribute Night hosted at The Clarence Cafe Bar in Hinckley. Immerse yourself in the iconic sounds of the 70s era as you dance and sing along to the greatest hits of ABBA. The event will take place on Friday, May 31, 2024, starting at 20:30. Don't miss this groovy night filled with timeless music that will transport you back in time. Secure your tickets for just £6.13 and get ready to groove to the legendary tunes that defined a generation. Embrace the spirit of the 70s and let the music of ABBA sweep you off your feet at this unforgettable tribute night.

Provided by Ynez|Published Jun 1, 2024


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