Andrew Black, 'On Clogger Lane' at Cove Burgh Hall

Andrew Black, 'On Clogger Lane' at Cove Burgh Hall

Nov 18, 2023 (UTC+0)
Shore Road, Cove, G84 0LY


Andrew Black’s Margaret Tait Award commission, 'On Clogger Lane' (2023), will be showcased at Cove Burgh Hall as part of its UK tour. This compelling film explores the history of a depopulated valley on ancient land, delving into the stories of a submerged reservoir, a satellite surveillance station, and mysterious prehistoric carvings. Through conversations with various individuals and an improvisational score, 'On Clogger Lane' serves as an experimental documentary, navigating the intertwined themes of passivity and protest, public and private, and past and present. This commission, established in 2010, is delivered in partnership with Glasgow Film and supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland. Inspired by the renowned filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait, it provides a platform for experimental and innovative artists working with the moving image. Andrew Black, the recipient of the 2021 Margaret Tait Award, is an artist and filmmaker known for his thought-provoking examinations of the impact of capitalism, militarism, and nationalist ideologies on landscapes and communities. 'On Clogger Lane' premiered at the Glasgow Film Theatre in February 2023 and will be shown at Lux, London in 2024. Join us for this captivating event, which includes a screening of the film, a discussion and Q&A with Andrew Black, and a chance to enjoy tea and coffee. The event is free to attend, but tickets are required. Don't miss the opportunity to experience 'On Clogger Lane' at Cove Burgh Hall, nestled in the picturesque setting of Cove with its rolling hills, lush trees, and intriguing ruins.

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