Baja Mexico Bajamar Golf Day Trip | Old Town Transit Center

Baja Mexico Bajamar Golf Day Trip | Old Town Transit Center

Mar 9, 2024 (UTC-8)
Old Town Transit Center


Experience the BajaMexico Bajamar Golf Day Trip, a premier golf resort excursion, brought to you by Five Star Tours from San Diego. Departing from the Old Town Transit Center in San Diego, California, this exclusive tour offers a day filled with excitement and relaxation. Don't miss the chance to check in at 7 AM and embark on an unforgettable journey to BajaMar Golf Resort in Ensenada, BajaCalifornia, MX. Our exceptional services include comfortable motor coach transportation, ensuring a hassle-free trip. Take pleasure in playing 18 holes at the esteemed BajaMar Golf Resort, surrounded by breathtaking views. Before you tee off, indulge in a delightful continental breakfast, complete with complimentary coffee, muffins, and orange juice. We understand the importance of personal items, which is why we provide secure transport for your belongings. You can leave your small backpack on the bus and retrieve it at the end of the day. Stay hydrated throughout your adventure with complimentary bottled water. Enjoy an exquisite lobster meal at the renowned Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village, a culinary delight you won't want to miss. Please note that it is advisable to carry small US dollar bills, as they are widely accepted at the rate of 19 pesos to $1. For your convenience, kindly remember to bring your passport, as it is required for re-entry into the United States. Additionally, please note that border wait times may vary, and departure times may have a slight 15-minute variation. Join us on the BajaMexico Bajamar Golf Day Trip, an extraordinary experience that blends the beauty of BajaCalifornia with the excitement of a thrilling golf getaway. Book your ticket today for just $269 and embark on a day filled with golfing, relaxation, and adventure.

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