Chimp 2 Champ Fight Night | Tristar Gym

Chimp 2 Champ Fight Night | Tristar Gym

May 25, 2024 (UTC-5)
Tristar Gym


Witness the Chimp 2 Champ Fight Night at Tristar Gym in Montréal on May 25, 2024. This amateur MMA exhibition showcases the members of the esteemed Chimp 2 Champ Fight Camp, who have dedicated 12 weeks to training under world-renowned martial artists and coaches. Irrespective of age or prior experience, these men are set to showcase their hard work and commitment as they step into the ring tonight. As the fights kick off at 7 pm, prepare to witness a new generation of martial artists emerge. As the doors open at 6 pm, you have the opportunity to be part of the audience and witness the transformation of these dedicated individuals into champions. Remember, at any given moment, you too could choose to join their ranks and embark on your own journey in the world of MMA. Don't miss this chance to experience the thrill of Chimp 2 Champ Fight Night. Tickets range from CA$45 to CA$575.

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