Conceal Carry 1 | Ares Firearms Training Facility

Conceal Carry 1 | Ares Firearms Training Facility

Feb 24, 2024 (UTC-5)
Ares Firearms Training Facility


Conceal Carry 1 is a comprehensive course specifically designed for individuals who are new to or have limited experience with shooting pistols. This event offers the perfect opportunity to learn and develop the fundamental skills necessary for manipulating a pistol while carrying concealed. Led by an experienced instructor, participants will explore various aspects of concealed carry, including firearm safety, proper handling techniques, and legal considerations. The course covers a wide range of topics and is suitable for both beginners and intermediate pistol shooters. Through engaging discussions, interactive demonstrations, and hands-on activities, attendees will gain a deeper understanding and increased confidence in carrying a concealed pistol. Taking place on February 24, 2024, at the prestigious Ares Firearms Training Facility in Leesburg, Florida, Conceal Carry 1 is an unmissable event for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills in concealed carry. The course breakdown includes important components such as range orientation, firearms safety, warm-up drills, ready positions, draw and re-holstering techniques, situational awareness, and more. To ensure a successful experience, participants are required to bring specific equipment, including a semi-auto pistol of their choice, a minimum of 400 rounds of quality ammunition, eye and hearing protection, magazines and magazine carriers, a pistol cleaning kit, a sturdy belt, and a quality holster. Suitable clothing for training in any weather, a notebook and pen, and a willingness to learn are also essential. Please note that the course is limited to only 8 students, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of a cancellation, a refund will be provided. However, if you need to cancel your attendance, a transfer to another course within the calendar year is possible with a 7-day notice. For more information or any inquiries, please contact Make sure to mark your calendar and secure your spot for this invaluable concealed carry training opportunity.

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