Dagdromen in groen | Stichting Theaterzaal de Rietwijker

Dagdromen in groen | Stichting Theaterzaal de Rietwijker

Jun 8, 2024 (UTC+1)
Stichting Theaterzaal de Rietwijker


Witness the enchanting performance of 'Dagdromen in groen' by the Tuesday groups of DAT!school. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 8th, as the T1, T2, and T3 groups will showcase this captivating play at 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM at Stichting Theaterzaal de Rietwijker in Amsterdam. Immerse yourself in the cozy theater ambiance of the Rietwijker and embark on a journey with Camille and her friends from the Fontein orphanage as they navigate themes of loss, friendship, and individuality during a whimsical summer vacation. Delve into a world where dreams intertwine with reality, brought to life by artistic director Myrna Versteeg and a talented team including director Gilles Groot, dancer Imani Mercera, singer Esther Verkaaik, and visual artist Barbara Nollkaemper. Don't miss this unique production that promises to stir your emotions and spark your imagination. Get your tickets priced between € 3,70 and € 11,20 for an unforgettable experience at 'Dagdromen in groen'.

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