Diamond Jam. SoHo Art Exhibition (New York) | 425 W Broadway

Diamond Jam. SoHo Art Exhibition (New York) | 425 W Broadway

Nov 3, 2023 (UTC-5)
425 W Broadway


Join the art show in New York, a private viewing of the captivating "Diamond Jam" exhibition at "The First Ukrainian Gallery". This event showcases the exceptional talent and vibrancy of contemporary Ukrainian art. Immerse yourself in the company of great individuals while enjoying remarkable artwork, drinks, and hor’s d’oeuvres. The exhibition features the works of 21 prominent and emerging artists, representing a diverse range of styles and themes, from femininity and masculinity to social dilemmas. It is a radiant mix of artistic expressions, demonstrating the artists' mastery and skill. "Diamond Jam" marks the opening of "The First Ukrainian Gallery US," a new showroom in the heart of Manhattan. This art expo celebrates the beauty and talent found in Ukrainian art and initiates a year-long series of art shows. The goal is to make "The First Ukrainian Gallery US" a renowned exhibition space, introducing American audiences to the richness and diversity of Ukrainian culture. The project is organized with the support of Sunflower Network, a registered non-profit organization that provides essential aid to Ukrainians in need. The exhibition will contribute to the Ukrainian Children's Hospital in Lviv and the development of the gallery. Don't miss this outstanding opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Ukrainian art. Follow Art Territory Ukraine for updates and join us at the Diamond Jam exhibition.

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