Home Ed Eduskate | Beverley Leisure Centre

Home Ed Eduskate | Beverley Leisure Centre

Dec 5, 2023 (UTC+0)
Beverley Leisure Centre


The Home Ed Eduskate event offers a safe and friendly environment for home educated children to learn and practice skateboarding. Taking place at the Beverley Leisure Centre in the city of Beverley, this event is an ideal opportunity for children to develop their skills and confidence in a controlled setting. With a focus on providing a secure space for home educated children, the Home Ed Eduskate event ensures that participants can engage in skateboarding activities without any worries. The event will take place on December 5, 2023, and tickets are priced at £6.13. At this event, children will have the chance to learn from experienced skateboarders and engage in various skateboarding activities. The venue, located at Flemingate, Beverley, HU17 0LT, offers a well-maintained skate park and dedicated instructors who will guide participants through the basics of skateboarding. The Home Ed Eduskate event is an excellent opportunity for home educated children to not only learn skateboarding but also connect with other like-minded individuals. By participating in this event, children can improve their physical fitness, develop coordination, and gain valuable social skills. With its commitment to providing a safe and friendly environment, the Home Ed Eduskate event is the perfect choice for home educated children looking to explore the world of skateboarding. Join us at this exciting event and let your child discover the joy of skateboarding in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

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