Life Studies Drawing | ArtServe

Life Studies Drawing | ArtServe

Dec 6, 2023 (UTC-5)


Experience the art of life drawing at the upcoming Life Studies Drawing event in Fort Lauderdale. Led by the talented artist Carol Thaw, this event offers the opportunity to draw and paint the human figure, just like you would a vase. With 4-hour sessions and professional clothed models, you can refine your artistic skills and capture the beauty of the human form. Taking place on Wednesday, December 6th, starting at 9:30 AM until 2:00 PM, at the prestigious ArtServe venue, this event is perfect for art enthusiasts of all levels. Located at 1350 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, ArtServe provides the ideal setting for a day of creativity and inspiration. The admission fee for this event is only $25, making it an affordable and valuable opportunity to enhance your artistic abilities. Don't miss out on this unique experience. Mark your calendars and join us at Life Studies Drawing on December 6th.

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