Little Nikki's | Little Nikki's - Luxuries for Baby & Child

Little Nikki's | Little Nikki's - Luxuries for Baby & Child

Nov 30, 2023 (UTC-5)
Little Nikki's - Luxuries for Baby & Child


Little Nikki's is thrilled to present an exclusive event featuring the extraordinary talents of Erik Johnson, a distinguished silhouette artist. With a legacy spanning three generations, Erik has mastered the art of creating stunning silhouettes, following in the footsteps of his father. Within minutes, Erik meticulously hand-cuts each silhouette, capturing the unique essence of the subject's profile. The result is a remarkable keepsake that immortalizes cherished moments with your loved ones. Silhouettes are not only a testament to artistry but also make exceptional gifts. Attending this event is completely free, and signing up is a breeze. Each silhouette is priced at $30, with a special offer of $15 for duplicates of the same person. For those seeking the perfect display, framing services are available. At Little Nikki's, we understand the importance of convenience, and we gladly accept both cash and credit card payments. Join us at Little Nikki's - Luxuries for Baby & Child on November 30, 2023, located at 618 North Maple Avenue, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423. This extraordinary event promises to be a memorable experience, where you can witness Erik Johnson's incredible talent firsthand. Don't miss the opportunity to obtain a timeless silhouette that captures the true essence of your loved ones. Little Nikki's is excited to welcome you to this remarkable event.

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