Open Mic ~ Music ~ Poetry ~ Hip Hop ~ Jazz ~ Vendors Needed Wanted | Essex Junction

Open Mic ~ Music ~ Poetry ~ Hip Hop ~ Jazz ~ Vendors Needed Wanted | Essex Junction

Feb 7, 2024 (UTC-5)
Essex Junction


Experience the Show from the Comfort of Home! On December 6th, witness an exceptional event featuring a diverse range of talent and entertainment. Be captivated by the enchanting performances of our esteemed winners, Enigma007. Attention vendors and performers! To secure your spot at this highly anticipated occasion, please purchase a ticket and register today. We welcome all individuals eager to showcase their skills and products. For the audience, your participation is crucial! Cast your vote for your favorite performer by purchasing a ticket. Your support will make a significant impact on the outcome of this incredible event. We are proud to announce our sponsorship by Marissa Elaine Fragrances, an all-natural fragrance brand. Immerse yourself in the captivating scents and embrace the essence of pure mindfulness. Additionally, discover the holistic benefits of Brow Threading by Anisha, a simple yet transformative beauty technique. Enhance your skin's radiance with natural ingredients and adorn it with exquisite jewelry that reflects your individuality. Engage in a journey towards improved metabolic health and vitality with Experience life-changing fragrances that are free from chemicals and water, nurturing your well-being and promoting holistic healing hygiene. Join us in supporting various nonprofit organizations that are in dire need of assistance. Together, we can make a difference. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a fun and emotional support group. Mark your calendars for February 7th, 2024, and get ready for an unforgettable event in Essex Junction, VT. Tickets are priced from $5 to $25.

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