Penguin Hockey Festival 2024 - 50th Birthday | Worthing RFC

Penguin Hockey Festival 2024 - 50th Birthday | Worthing RFC

May 24–May 27, 2024 (UTC+0)
Worthing RFC


The Penguin Hockey Festival 2024 is celebrating its 50th birthday this year with a grand celebration. Taking place in Angmering at the Worthing RFC, this festival is set to be a momentous event. From May 24th to May 27th, participants can enjoy a 7-a-side mixed tournament on grass, with all facilities conveniently located on site. Established in 1974, this festival has been the largest of its kind in the world for many years. To commemorate this special occasion, the festival's theme is Gold. On Saturday night, a gold masquerade ball will be held, so start planning your mask now. The festival offers camping accommodations, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the festivities. Over the course of the weekend, there will be two days of hockey matches, followed by an awards ceremony. The clubhouse bar will be open all day until late, with music provided by DJs and live bands for entertainment. Food will be served throughout the weekend, and there will be special deals on alcoholic beverages. Each attendee will receive a goody bag, and during the gold masquerade ball, additional food and beverages will be provided. Don't miss this last chance to be a part of this incredible festival. For any inquiries, please contact

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