Spoken Word: Open Mic Night | 6941 SW 196th Ave

Spoken Word: Open Mic Night | 6941 SW 196th Ave

Mar 2, 2024 (UTC-5)
6941 SW 196th Ave


Experience a transformative evening at the Spoken Word: Open Mic Night in Fort Lauderdale. This event, set to take place on March 2, 2024, at 6941 Southwest 196th Avenue, offers a platform where art converges with activism, sparking conversations and inspiring change. Attendees can anticipate thought-provoking performances encompassing spoken word poetry addressing societal issues, heartfelt songs advocating for equality, and various forms of conscious expression aimed at fostering unity within the community. The environment is supportive, encouraging artists and audience members to share their truths and visions for a better world. Participants are invited to bring a chair, pillow, blanket, or yoga mat, along with an open mind and an appetite for diverse perspectives. The event provides a safe space for vulnerability, allowing individuals to amplify marginalized voices and shed light on important causes. Tickets are priced at $18, welcoming individuals of all ages to engage in this kid-friendly and impactful event.

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