STRFKR 2024 (Houston) | White Oak Music Hall - Downstairs

STRFKR 2024 (Houston) | White Oak Music Hall - Downstairs

Apr 13, 2024 (UTC-6)
White Oak Music Hall - Downstairs


STRFKR, the highly anticipated concert, is set to take place at White Oak Music Hall - Downstairs on April 13, 2024. This electrifying event will ignite the audience with an unforgettable experience at 2915 N Main St, Houston, TX, 77009. STRFKR's mesmerizing melodies will fill the air as they perform a selection of their greatest hits, including the enchanting "Dear Stranger," the captivating "Never the Same," and the infectious "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second." Brace yourselves for a night of pure musical euphoria as STRFKR takes you on a sonic journey, transporting you to another realm with songs like "Always/Never," "Florida," and "Malmo." Immerse yourself in the magical sounds of "Isabella of Castile," "Say to You," and "Kahlil Gibran," while basking in the radiant glow of "Golden Light." Let the pulsating beats of "Armatron," "Tape Machine," and "While I'm Alive" move your soul, and allow the mesmerizing melodies of "Open Your Eyes," "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and "Fantasy" to captivate your every sense. Lose yourself in the ethereal sounds of STRFKR as they perform their chart-topping hits, including "Maps," "Pop Song," and "Bury Us Alive." Tickets for this extraordinary concert will be on sale starting from January 12, 2024, at 16:00, and will be available until April 14, 2024, at 05:00. Don't miss your chance to witness the brilliance of STRFKR - secure your tickets now and prepare for an extraordinary musical experience.

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