Strip Joker Ottawa (Comedy + Stripping) | LIVE! on Elgin

Strip Joker Ottawa (Comedy + Stripping) | LIVE! on Elgin

Dec 16, 2023 (UTC-5)
LIVE! on Elgin


The Strip Joker Ottawa (Comedy + Stripping) concept is refreshingly simple. A skilled comedian takes the stage and humorously tests their audience by sharing jokes. If laughter ensues, the comedian carries on with their act. However, if amusement is absent, a seductive tune takes over and the comedian begins to shed one piece of clothing at a time. This continues until their performance concludes or they find themselves onstage in their undergarments. It's an innovative way for emerging comedians to refine their craft while experiencing the consequences of humor that falls flat. Rest assured, the entertainment value is guaranteed, whether derived from the jokes themselves or the playful antics that ensue. Each month's event embraces a unique theme, so attending in accordance with the designated theme of the night is highly encouraged. Don't miss out on the Ruckus, Baby! Strip Joker Ottawa (Comedy + Stripping) is set to take place on December 16, 2023, at the esteemed LIVE! on Elgin in Ottawa. Secure your place for an affordable ticket price of $22.63.

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