WNHL International Mayhem Tournament | Buffalo RiverWorks

WNHL International Mayhem Tournament | Buffalo RiverWorks

Mar 13, 2024 (UTC-5)
Buffalo RiverWorks


The WNHL International Mayhem Tournament is set to take place in Buffalo, New York. This exciting event will be held at the Buffalo RiverWorks, a state-of-the-art facility with a properly refrigerated outdoor rink. On March 13th, during a break in the WNHL Playoffs, hockey enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in the first-ever WNHL OUTDOORS tournament in another country. The WNHL Mayhem Tournament in Buffalo promises to be an action-packed event. We are looking for 30 skilled skaters to form three teams, with 10 players on each team. This mini-tournament will feature a no-icings, no offsides 4on4 format, ensuring fast-paced and thrilling gameplay. Entry to the WNHL Mayhem Tournament is priced at $30 (CDN) per player. To make your participation even more convenient, we are exploring bus options from the Seaway Mall to Buffalo RiverWorks and back. So, you can focus on the game and leave the transportation logistics to us. Don't miss this unique opportunity to showcase your skills and compete in the WNHL International Mayhem Tournament. Secure your spot now and payment can be made later. We are excited to see the response to this tournament and can't wait to welcome players from around the world to Buffalo for a memorable event. Please note that tickets for the WNHL International Mayhem Tournament have already sold out. Stay tuned for future WNHL events and tournaments by following our updates.

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