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Lotte Hotel Seoul Executive Tower
4.6/537 Reviews

Lotte Hotel Seoul Executive Tower

Myeong-dong Seoul|0.97km from Dmuseum艺术展-天气
Stayed at the Lotte Executive Tower just after the holidays, in a Premier Double Room. Pros: - The entrance of the Executive Tower is absolutely beautiful. Same with the Main Tower. Elegant, refined, beautiful art work. The executive tower check-in desks are on the 15th floor. - Easy access by escalator directly into the Lotte Department Store (from where the escalator takes you to, hang a right to get to the famous food hall!) - Location can’t be beat. Directly across from Eujiro Station (1) and around the corner from Myeong-Dong Walking Street / Night Market and several 7-11s (which are almost as good as the 7-11s in Japan). - Our room was beautiful, spacious, thoughtfully designed and decorated. Very modern touches and upscale finishes. A chandelier in the bathroom?? - Immaculate housekeeping. - Excellent temperature and very strong water pressure in the shower! - Appreciate the 2 complimentary bottles of Evian every day. - Fast wifi speeds. Cons: - Love the Diptyque toiletries but wish they weren’t the communal / shared bottles. There were bits of dried lotion crusted on the pump from the previous occupant. - Weird that neither lobby had a single chair to sit on. What’s up with that? Comes off a bit inhospitable. This isn’t the type of place to attract non-guests / loiterers. A bench wouldn’t kill anyone! - For a 5* hotel and the price we’re paying, it’s disappointing that there is a surcharge should you need a toothbrush, toothpaste or use of the sauna (!!). They claim the charge for toothbrush and paste is to prevent wastage but surely you could just have these small items available upon request at the front desk? - The doormen’s manners range from formal and friendly (some) to indifferent (most) to downright hostile (many), especially if you are not a Korean speaker, as many don’t speak English. I’m not arrogant enough to think they should speak English in a non-English speaking country, but a smile is universal, you know? Would likely stay here again at the right price and given the location.

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Travelodge Myeongdong Euljiro
4.1/573 Reviews

Travelodge Myeongdong Euljiro

Myeong-dong Seoul|0.29km from Dmuseum艺术展-天气
The location of this hotel is really good as it is right next to a metro stop which pretty much connects to all areas of Seoul. Very convenient for City Hall metro access. It’s also near N-Tower and Myeongdong so technically you could walk but the metro is also convenient. Plenty of convenience stores like CU and a subway sandwich shop. If visiting South Korea make sure to download Naver Maps! Very convenient! Staff were friendly and helpful and breakfast was ok! We did have an issue with our room which was reported but no-one came to fix it (which was a bit disappointing) so as our TV never worked in our room and the plug behind the bed kept beeping randomly near the end of our trip I can only give the amenities 4/5. The cleaning routine for your room was also weird. Very we’ll explained to you when you check in but we found there to be inconsistencies in this service also. You have to ask them in reception before 2pm for your room to be cleaned etc and if after 2pm only certain things can be done. So ignore all the conflicting cleaning signage in the rooms as this doesn’t seem to be the hotels policy. We did have an issue one day where we asked for our room to be cleaned/ new towels left at the front desk in the morning and this wasn’t done. Overall though the hotel is ok for the price! Rooms do look a little old and dated (especially our bathroom but I forgot to take photos) but it’s in a great location. Lots of tourists staying at the hotel with tours you can book and they can also call a taxi to the airport for you. If, like us, you don’t need to spend alot of time in the room then it’s ok!

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Rainbow Hotel Myeongdong
3.1/525 Reviews
時間を言って来てるのに受付に人は居ないし連絡つかない。30分後探しに行くと本人はスマホ握ってるのに無視して5階で他の客と会話。この時点でモラハラを感じて嫌な気にになる。会うと突然日本人か当てようとする失礼さ。 部屋は高めなのに狭いし、食事は5階でしかできない。モラハラ親父がスマホでモニター見て監視しており、きっと現れるので行きたくない。 もっぱら買い食い。 何かにこじつけ用もないのに上から目線で客の容姿ジャッジしつつ結婚歴まで聞いてくるキモさ、もう話したくなくて黙ってるのに話さないと注意を探して話そうとするができないのでやめる事を繰り返す。境界線なくてかなり最初から不愉快。構って欲しがってる人だけにしてよ! 終わってるのに洗濯を手伝うと言いながら、何度も断ってるのにニヤニヤして手を突っ込もうとする。すると、一回目は無料と言ってたのに読めないんだろだから助けてるんだよ。見たか?洗濯には金がいると言い出す。面倒だから五千ウォン払いました。 その時他の人いたので、一回目は無料だから金は良いといい始める。けど結局金は受け取った。もうめちゃくちゃで嘘ばかりで適当に言って絡みまくる時に言ってること覚えてないんだと思う。 支配欲すごい自己愛性パーソナリティ障害人格障害のようで、拒絶を示すと罵って人のせいにして嘘までつく。 こちらはセクハラもやめろと言ってるだけ。貴方はただのスタッフだし私は客だからプライバシーを話したくないと言って怒っても理解出来ず支配を諦めない 日本人女性だと思ってセクハラできると思ってしてるの!?と言ったらさっきのフランス女性は洗濯物を見せてくれたと開き直り、全員にセクハラしてることにニヤつくキモさ。 他のサイトの広告ステマ酷かった。 宿泊客に支配欲丸出しで好意に見せかけ支配する。宿としては安全性皆無なのでランク外。評価すらつけたくない。金返せって気持ち。 突然部屋をノックして、酒飲もうと誘ってくる2日連続も。好意的に会話することも一度すらなかった。我慢して返事をしたことが数回。 高額で部屋のレベルは平均的に低く、シャワーに入ると便器は水浸しドア閉まらず、排水口は匂い留守にすると充満する。エレベーターなくて移動がキツイ。 セクハラ拒否の翌日からゴミと使用済みのタオルを片付けなくなったので、ハラスメントを抗議、その後片付けはしたが、最後の日の前日、部屋に来て一緒に朝部屋を確認すると言ってきた。拒絶したら喚き立てる。 最初に聞いてたのは、鍵を返すだけで、何かあればあとからカードに請求するとの話だった。 言ってることが違うし、おかしいしキモいから拒絶したら、突然カードからお金を引き出そうと試すといい始め、勝手にお金を引き出そうとした。警察も呼ぶと言い始める。汚してもいないのに。 オーナーは大人しそうなイスラム女性を呼び出して、この子にもこれをしてるだろと訴え説明させる。 客なのに客のプライバシーを私用することにためらいない。スタッフのくせに個人的に自分のトラブルに客呼び出したくせに本人は謝罪なく私だけにその後謝罪させに連れて行かれる。その子を巻き込んだのは悪いので誤ったけどなんであんたが謝らないわけ? チェックアウトのとき一緒に居ることは妥協したものの、そしたら態度豹変し、今度は飛行場までついてくると言い出す。キモい! 時間あれば女性皆についていってると言ったけど私はこんなキモいおっさんと宿出てまで話したくなくて何度も断ったけどしつこくやめない。客に拒否権は無いことになってるらしい。 こっちこそ警察呼んで欲しかった。自分でよべと言い始めたので来なかったけど。 支配出来なきゃ不安になるような人格障害者を静める為だけに会話のボランティアなんて嫌なので、つき合う義務ないと思うしどうせ立会なんて嘘だろうから部屋の証拠写真だけ撮影して逃げます。そうすると後でいちゃもんつけて嘘ついても理由つけて通報されるんだろうな。 会話と立会拒絶罪? 面倒たけどカード番号とめます。完全に病気。自己愛性人格障害ぽいので相手を所有物とみなしていて、拒絶され逃げられると、俺の金を奪われたかのように嘘をついても発狂しつきまとい支配する人格 The day after he refused to sexually harass me, he stopped cleaning up the garbage and used towels, so I protested the harassment and cleaned up after that, but the day before the last day, he came to my room and said that he would check the room with me in the morning. The first thing I heard was that they would just return the key and charge the card later if anything happened. I refused it .After he said to call the police. But He was a call to like seems easily dominant girl and has ask to explain that she is doing is ok. He was taken away to make me apologize after that without his own apology. I apologized because it was a bad accident for her. But Its just his problem. He never apologized to her. Very creepy but I finally give up will checking room when I check out with him. So, he changed smile and said he want to follow the airport or Soul . Dominate again... He told every girls to do it, but I don't want it and too much the act. So I refused many times, but he didn't stop follow me. Before I refuse , He said that he would call the police . But I just refuse his creepy kindness. That time He try to withdraw money of my card said check number if even though he didn't do anything. Too dangerous. He seems completely narcissistic personalit
Mmmio II Design Residence Myeongdong
3.4/547 Reviews
Booked the 2 Double suite with View initially. it is not anything close to a suite and the only view is only if u climb the ladder access to the roof. Booked the room is also booking website states 2 bathrooms. Please do not be misled - to be exact 2 showers, 1 toilet and 2 common sharing basin over a 1.5m table in this room. One of the showers is located along the slanting roof so you can hardly walk in. Ceiling is low and certainly not for the claustrophobic. We are a party of 5, room has 4 doubles which I tot will be fine but is so cramped. as the area specified on website likely includes the attic seating area and roof which is extremely cold and shabby in Mar. Ok if is a bachelor party or a quick stay for 1 night. To be fair the hotel does have its character with its decor and is situated amongst the eateries and pubs. It gotten better when I changed rooms and paid an extra room to stay more comfortably. However cleanliness must be improved. The decor (industrial / cement setting) and lighting kind of covers up this aspect but still evident to be seen. I have highlighted the issue and the staff try to make an extra effort to clean again. If lift access is a concern, please check with hotel first as not all rooms has lift access. Not recommended for young children and old folks. If not for the staff who are mostly obliging and friendly, it would be a terrible rating instead.
Tripstay Myeongdong
3.9/516 Reviews
Temporarily set this house for one night. The address is at No. 7 of Euljiro 3rd Street, Line 2. Come out, turn right and turn right. There is a police station and then a little bit forward. There is an alley on the left hand side. There seems to be another one on the second and third floors of this house. This house has a front desk and a young brother. The room is not big. The toilet is independent. The hair dryer. The small refrigerator. There is also a shortcoming. The box is left at the door and can’t be placed inside. You can only put it in the room. The position of the door is too narrow. The end of the bed is just enough to pass the wall. It’s not good for me to put things but the price is not much. The room has no windows with air conditioning
Seoul Mom Guesthouse
2.9/5106 Reviews
Suffice for sleeping. If you’re looking for a place to just sleep and put down your stuff for the day here’s the place for you. Located in the back alleys of central Seoul. Building is quite old and rickety; they supposedly don’t take in cleaning fees so things can be quite dirty. Fair warning that you MUST check in before 11pm or else your stay’s gonna be cancelled with no refunds.
Hostel Kpop
3.9/513 Reviews
A good hostel in a convenient location, very close to the metro, shops like 7/11, restaurants. It’s about 10 minutes walk to Myeongdong area in a straight line. Inside is clean, there is a shared kitchen with a microwave and tea, a washing machine and a dryer, good Wi-Fi. The only thing we got was not a very good room, there was only a half of a non-opening window, but I saw that there are rooms with a normal window.
Nine Tree Premier Hotel Myeongdong 2
4.5/51030 Reviews
Overall it was a nice stay. For the first two nights our room was very cold and the air conditioner would not let us manually adjust the temperature and we asked for a staff to come and fix the air conditioner, however he couldn't speak English and was not helpful for giving us a small heater while it was cold in Seoul for the period. The front desk staff saved the whole experience by offering another room since we couldn't stand the coldness (the new room was surprisingly more spacious!) and she could speak fluent English which gave us a great help! They did not have a stable supply of washroom amenities. Also, you will need to request from the Front Desk if you need mugs instead of paper cups in the rooms. The location of the Hotel is convenient since it's a 10-15min walk to the tourist spot of Myeong Dong and subway stations are just nearby within a 5min walk. There's also a convenient store at the Lobby if you don't want to leave the Hotel for quick snacks. Can consider staying again next time since it's also reachable by airport limousine!

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New and popular hotels in Seoul recommended by Trip.com. Planning a trip to Seoul? While traveling to South Korea, Seoul is one of the most popular destinations. Located in South Korea, Seoul is a well-known and vibrant city.

Every day, travelers worldwide arrive at Gimpo International Airport to start their vacations and business trips in Seoul. It's easy to reach Seoul. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

You don't have to worry about accommodations when traveling to Seoul. Here, there are more than 1899 hotels for you to choose from. The local average price is 57 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 30 five-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 185 USD per night. There are 86 four-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 81 USD per night. There are 310 three-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 61 USD per night. There are 487 two-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 44 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in Seoul. Hotels under the Ramada brand are a good choice. In Seoul, chain hotels such as Ramada are one of the top choices among travelers. A popular hotel in Seoul, Tmark Hotel Myeongdong Seoul is also one of the highest rated. If you're still unsure, Trip.com recommends Loisir Hotel Seoul Myeongdong.

If you stay at a hotel in downtown Seoul, nearby attractions like Seoul City Hall, Olympic Hall, Seoul Plaza can be your first stop. You can choose attractions in Seoul that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Olympic Park, GOCHEOK SKY DOME, Lotte World Aquarium. The most popular attractions for tourists in Seoul are Myeong Dong, Dongdaemun Gate, Sungnyemun Gate. With a developed commercial area, visitors can head to Sinsadong Garosu-gil Road, apM PLACE, DOOTA DUTY FREE for a great shopping experience.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 3.21°C during the day, -0.95°C at night

• April to June: 19.97°C during the day, 15.03°C at night

• July to September: 26.03°C during the day, 22.14°C at night

• October to December: 9.63°C during the day, 5.28°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 30.33 cm

• Summer: 104.17 cm

• Autumn: 271.17 cm

• Winter: 42.4 cm

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