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A23 Boutique Hotel
4.4/560 Reviews

A23 Boutique Hotel

Tel Aviv City Center Tel Aviv|0.76km from Hechal Yehuda Synagogue
We booked 3 nights at this boutique hotel based on the mostly positive reviews on this forum. Our experience unfortunately was not so great. We checked in rather late in the evening at around 8.30pm. We were coming in from the bus station as we had crossed over from Jordan earlier in the day & we were exhausted & hungry. We were looking forward to a few comforts after some hectic days in Wadi Rum. The cab dropped us off on the street out front...there was no doorman so we dragged in our luggage into the small lobby where we were met by Adi at the front desk. He explained a few things & offered us a coffee but we wanted to just get into our room. What I found really strange was we had considerable amount of luggage but he didn't lift a finger to help even me & I was struggling. The room was okay size but the furniture was weird - supposedly designer but just plain Uncomfortable. They provided no baggage racks which meant all the bags on the floor which again is so inconvenient. For any decent hotel this a very normal requirement or at the very least provide a space for keeping big bags. We found that some of the toiletries in the bathroom were obviously used by the previous occupants of the room. The caps were not screwed properly & one of them was leaking. Housekeeping had not bothered to throw them just simply kept them there along with some fresh ones. Disgusting ! The next day I asked for an ironing board. The young girl, I think her name was Miriam looked a bit perplexed at first & then came back after a quite a while with an iron & a dirty old stained hand held board. Made me wonder people don't require irons ? We met the manager Tali the next morning....she wasn't too friendly or hospitable. Miriam was friendly & offered us some coffee. We enquired about a Sim & a Rav card & were told that we would have to look on the street for a phone shop. The location of the hotel is on a buzzing street full of cafes, shops & restaurants so we didn't have to walk too far to find a shop selling the cards. At the hotel they told us that we would have to go 10kms away about 25 minutes by taxi to find a Rav card recharge place. We are very well travelled & that just didn't sound right....the authorities are not going to make the purchase of an everyday travel card so difficult. The guy who sold us the SIM card told us we would find it at the pharmacy next to our hotel. I can't remember the name of the shop but it was literally the next building sharing a common wall. It was that easy....the girl at the counter was lovely & one of the customers in the queue offered to walk with us to where we were going as he was going that way. Didn't Tali know that Rav cards are available next door ? She's managing a hotel & she didn't know this very basic piece of information relevant to all tourists ??? When we came back in the late afternoon we found our room was not made up. The clothes line in our bathroom didn't work but despite repeated requests nothing was do

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Ben Yehuda Apartments
4.1/565 Reviews
Tel Aviv City Center
These apartments are a feast for the eyes, with old gramophones and tape recorders mounted on the walls. The paint schemes are striking but the ambiance is amazing. Located a stone's throw from Disengoff Street, you couldn't pick a better location. The staff couldn't have been more helpful with suggestions for good local restaurants etc. We will definitely be back.
Dizengoff Avenue Boutique Hotel
4.3/551 Reviews
Tel Aviv City Center
It is totally impossible to park your rental car in the surrounding streets. There is a rental parking some 10 minutes walking away though. The hotel is on a busy street and the windows are not isolating so even if the room is not giving to Dizengoff Avenue it will be a trial to sleep through the night, even with earplugs, at least that was the case for us. The hotel is really easy going with a happy hour with local red wines which really brings people together: we had a nice chat with Brazil, US and Israeli guests. The free coffee is delicious and you can get good pastries from the mini market across the street and eat them while reading your free NYT on the hotel terrace ! Marvelous. The easygoingness also shows in the way the rooms are kept, which is a bit on the brink but still ok. The hotel’s location is fantastic, you can reach pretty much every place in Central TA walking. No breakfast room but you get a voucher for some of the cool places in the neighborhood. We had ours in Sidewalk and recommend that.
Vital - Urban Boutique Hotel TLV
4.4/562 Reviews
Tel Aviv City Center
The hotel location is very good, very close to Rabin Square, about 20 minutes walk from the seaside, there is a shopping mall downstairs with supermarkets and some restaurants. Maybe it is the reason for the high season. The hotel price is too high, and it may be similar to ordinary business hotels in China.
Hotel Jacob Samuel by Prima Hotels
4.3/549 Reviews
Tel Aviv City Center
The location is excellent. It is located in what seems to be the heartbeat of Tel Aviv. Turn left and walk 4 or 5 blocks to the Mediterranean Sea. Or turn right and walk through endless restaurants and people outdoors having a wonderful time. The hotel really is perfectly located. But even more impressive was the amazing staff. My plane arrived at 4 am and I got to the hotel at 5 am. The staff graciously went ahead and gave me a room. The room was clean and comfortable. The manager and staff leaned forward to help with restaurant recommendations, a nearby fitness center, and with laundry service. The staff could not have been more friendly and accommodating. When I return to Tel Aviv, I will not even consider another hotel. I will definitely stay again at the Jacob Samuel on Dizengoff Street!
The Arbel Tel Aviv
4.6/571 Reviews
Tel Aviv City Center
Good location apartment, walking distance to Ben Gurion House, Rabin Square and the seaside. It is also close to the Chinese Embassy. It is really comfortable to go to the beach every day. There are many supermarkets nearby, and there is no need to worry about eating, drinking and having fun on the Sabbath. Free parking by car, 10 bus on the door is also very good, you can go to Jaffa Old Town, the market and other places, in short, very convenient.
Grand Beach Hotel
3.5/564 Reviews
The Old North
The high level of the beachfront is at home, the price is good.

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Sde Dov Airport is the primary airport in Tel Aviv Yafo. Besides flying, taking a train to Hashalom Train Station is one of the other major methods of transportation.

There are 313 hotels in Tel Aviv Yafo on Trip.com, including luxury, boutique, and budget hotels. When looking for hotels in Tel Aviv Yafo, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 169 USD. There are 7 five-star hotels in Tel Aviv Yafo at an average price of 240 USD per night. There are 5 four-star hotels in Tel Aviv Yafo at an average price of 254 USD per night. There are 6 three-star hotels in Tel Aviv Yafo at an average price of 186 USD per night. There are 1 two-star hotels in Tel Aviv Yafo at an average price of 79 USD per night. Tel Aviv Yafo has many well-known chain hotels which are suitable for both business trips and vacations. Mercure is the most popular brand among tourists. Hotels under the Mercure brand are a good choice. Best Western Regency Suites Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Tel Aviv Yafo. If you're still unsure, Trip.com recommends Grand Beach Hotel.

If you stay at a hotel in downtown Tel Aviv Yafo, nearby attractions like Hechal Yehuda Synagogue, Ben Gurion House, Rabin Square can be your first stop. You can choose attractions in Tel Aviv Yafo that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Ilana Goor Museum, Beersheba, Netanya. The most famous attractions locally are Jerusalem Beach, Jaffa Old City. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like Jaffa Flea Market, Carmel Market, Dizengoff Street to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

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