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First Inn Hotel Zwickau
4.2/515 Reviews
We were on the journey and have become aware of the hotel via the Internet. Super location in the middle of the old town. Direct access with lift to the deep garage. Rooms very clean with very good beds, thick window glass, so quiet. In the bathroom would be another small set with shower, body lotion etc. welcome. Breakfast buffet was versatile, everything was there. Personal very friendly. We have not visited the restaurant, but we will surely come back!
Hotel Park Eckersbach
3.9/51 Reviews
Who is looking for a simple and clean hotel near Zwickauer city center is right here. The staff is very friendly, the rooms are clean, but also rustic and simple. Who doesn't value it is right here! I can only recommend it further 👍
Best Western Plaza Hotel Zwickau
3.9/531 Reviews
Very good hotel at the edge of the city of Zwickau. 10 minutes by car to the city centre. Very good breakfast and friendly staff. Rudy location when they are taken the comfort rooms that do not show to the street side. Ample parking facilities available. Full further recommendation.
Achat Hotel Zwickau
3.8/511 Reviews
This was on our way perhaps the only hotel that acquired its price! INDUSTRIAL Comfortable NOMICE!!! Perfect cleanliness and noise insulation. Fen, tea supplies, wardrobe, safe!!! And bed .... it deserves a separate story))))) I wanted to take a mattress with me It's some miracle!!! It is impossible to describe its convenience in words. Add to it white skiing and pillow selection and get some laccheri sleep)))) A separate thank you to the staff - responsive, attentive and fun!!! There are restaurants and shops and free parking on the territory near the hotel.

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