Shanxi is great, I will come again next time!

Day1: Shanghai-Taiyuan Shanxi Museum, Coal Museum, Bell Tower Street, Food Street Recommendation: Gold Silk Beef Pie, God Fried Chicken. Stay in Taiyuan Day2: Jinci Museum, Taiyuan Ancient County. Stay in Taiyuan Day3: Yanmenguan, Yungang Grottoes. Stay in Datong Recommendation: Purple Mud 369 Coarse Grain Record (The waitress is very enthusiastic, every dish we ordered is very generous and super delicious) Day4: Huayan Temple, Nine Dragon Wall, Datong Ancient City Wall, Ying County Wooden Tower, Hanging Temple, Wutai Mountain East Terrace. Stay in Wutai Mountain (Wutai Mountain East Terrace climbed half, saw the sunset, and there are many cows! The scenery is too beautiful! Be sure to rent a military coat, because it's really cold in the evening) Day5: Wutai Mountain Shuxiang Temple-Wuye Temple-Tayuan Temple-Xiantong Temple-Bodhisattva Top-Dailuo Top, watch 'See Pingyao Again'. Stay in Pingyao Ancient City ('See Pingyao Again' is really amazing! So good-looking! The immersive experience completely immerses people in the plot) Recommendation: Vegetarian Dicos Day6: Pingyao Ancient City, Qiao's Grand Courtyard, return to Taiyuan at night Recommendation: Tianyuan Kui (The boss is too enthusiastic, poured a lot of vinegar for us to taste, I like the concubine vinegar, gold vinegar and persimmon vinegar the most), Mr. Liang (The refrigerator stickers are so good-looking! Vinegar ice cream is very exciting) If you have time, you can also take some photos. Day7: Jin Merchant Museum, Double Tower Temple, return to Shanghai at night There are several Chinese-style afternoon teas in the Jin Merchant Museum, all of which are very delicate. Shanxi is definitely an underestimated treasure place. The people in Shanxi we met this week are really very hospitable and enthusiastic. Using Dong Yuhui's words, 'Time seems to favor this land of Shanxi, so it leaves many traces of its past here.' Only by coming here in person can you feel its unique charm. Because each place is far apart, it is recommended to charter a car to go!
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Posted: Jan 20, 2024
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