Lock this affordable sea view hotel in Rizhao in the future

Who understands!! √Giant screen projection√Walk to the beach√First-line sea view First-line sea view room!! Sisters who want to come to Rizhao for holidays, rush!! This location is too suitable for tourists to live in Walk to the beach, you can see the sunrise without going to the crowded beach, Wanxianghui, bus station are nearby, it is very convenient to travel to the shallow beach to dig sand and catch sea fishing×It's so interesting ◆Open the window and you can see the sea The projection picture quality is very clear, it's very comfortable to chase the drama on it~The kitchen is fully equipped, and you can process seafood at home ◆Address: Rizhao—Donggang District—Jiaonan Road China Resources Center C Domain
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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