A Must-Stay Desert Hotel in This Lifetime - Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

⭐️ The hotel opened in 1999 and is part of the luxury collection. ⭐️ Located in the Gazelle Reserve, gazelles are everywhere; they come by while you enjoy life, peek in through the window when you're in the bathroom, and barge in when you're posing for photos... Honestly, I'm quite afraid of small animals, and it's so hard to hold back from screaming. ⭐️ Price: 8000+ per night (includes three meals) ⭐️ About an hour from downtown Dubai + 20 minutes through the desert to get there 📎 You need to arrange your own transportation to and from the hotel; don't expect to be able to call an Uber in the desert. ⭐️ Pictures 1-4 show what each tented villa looks like. 📎 There are about 40 villas in the resort; the rooms are comfortable and spacious; each has a private pool which can be filled with warm or cool water upon request; there's a separate relaxation area where you can lie down and enjoy breakfast by the pool. ⭐️ The hotel plans and offers many outdoor activities, and you can join different activities at different times. 📎 Picture 5-6 shows the 'falconry' activity at six o'clock every morning. 📎 Picture 7 shows the off-road dune bashing at 7:30 every morning. 📎 Pictures 8-9 show the camel riding and desert sightseeing at six o'clock every evening. ⭐️ Pictures 10-12 show the lobby area. It's not big, but it has local characteristics. They also serve unlimited afternoon tea every day! The variety of food is very rich, and even someone like me who is not very interested in afternoon tea finds it delicious. ⭐️ Pictures 13-16 show the hotel's outdoor public pool and the outdoor viewing deck in the lobby. Honestly, the endless desert view from the viewing deck is spectacular, but it's a bit hot... ⭐️ Picture 17, to be honest, this is the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner I've had in more than ten days of travel! Each dish is beautifully presented, there are many choices, and the flavors are right... Due to insufficient holiday balance and funds, we only stayed for one night... We met a retired Chinese couple who had been staying there for four or five days. Next time, when the funds are in place, we'll come back.
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

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