My trip has been arranged, it's time for your trip to Mount Emei!

I've always thought that snow and sunshine are the most beautiful postures of winter. But the upcoming Mount Emei is about to welcome a strong snowfall for a week, which is inevitably exciting! This winter feast covered by ice and snow, a wonderful journey under the silver dress, takes you directly to the dream of the southern ice and snow world. Unexpectedly, ice and snow can also glow with vitality, snow falling on the top of the mountain is like a fairy tale, the crystal snowflakes sprinkled in the mountains, sparkling with dazzling light wherever you go. Route D1: Up the mountain🏔→Arrive at the Golden Summit to watch the sunrise🌅→Sea of clouds☁️→Stay in the hotel🏠(Golden Summit) D2: Up the mountain🏔→Watch the sunrise🌅→Skiing at Leidongping Ski Resort🏂→Down the mountain→Stay in the hot spring hotel🏠(Hengbang Aimei) 🌟It is recommended to choose the car route for children- Don't want to climb 👉Buy a ticket at the passenger transport center at the foot of the mountain 👉Take the cable car, it only takes a few minutes to reach the top, climbing by yourself is very challenging, very steep Scenic area bus→Leidongping→Cable car→Golden Summit Leidongping (about 30min climb)→Jieyindian→Golden Summit- 🏠Accommodation choice 🌅If you want to watch the sunrise, you can stay at the 🏠Emei Mountain Golden Summit Hotel after climbing the mountain, and you can watch the sunrise🌅 when you get up the next day ♨️If you want to soak in the hot springs, there are many hot spring hotels at the foot of the mountain, but the quality is uneven. We have stayed at the Hengbang Aimei Hotel many times, which is more reliable. The pools are all private baths, which are very suitable for family. -🏔Mountain climbing precautions ❄️In this season, you must pay attention to anti-skid when climbing Mount Emei, it's very slippery on snowy days. ✔️Ice claws (it is recommended to buy at the foot of the mountain, 5 yuan a pair, it will be more expensive on the mountain), climbing sticks can be prepared according to personal circumstances. ✔️When you encounter monkeys🐒 on the mountain, you must hide your things, they will really be snatched. 🧡【tips】: Other friendly reminder content
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Posted: Feb 6, 2024
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